Sunday, June 19, 2011


pussy galore

Tom_in_Oz_: Hope it all goes well on Monday 20th - @Russelltovey @SineadKeenan @Teaguemister @BBCBeingHuman @MikeyJGall @tmxghost - Hope you like my pussygram!

Not on your Nelly!
No, Nelly on your Russell on a Saturday night!

MatthewCainC4: Watching Mean Girls on telly with my twin @russelltovey and our beautiful princess Nelly. Here they are!

Ryancarteruk30: @russelltovey hope you enjoyed your walk through Covent Garden today x

Sunday in Billericay

russelltovey: Billericay bound to celebrate national day for dads! Happy daddy day x

russelltovey: I wish this weather would sort itself out, it's behaving like a right mug x

Titlebaum: @russelltovey British summer time..cor blimey eh?

boydhilton: @MatthewCainC4 @russelltovey Christ, Nelly has got HUGE. (Hot) x

russelltovey: Looking at that photo again, Nelly the cat does look like she is the size of a small sports car... She's not, it's a camera angel anomaly x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey We know you are really a dwarf the BBC have been covering it up for years!!

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey I second that! Believe it or not, Nelly's actually UNDER-sized. But she's over-loved to make up for it.

DogAteMyWookie: @russelltovey at least now you know how to make your dick look like the titanic if you decide to do one of them dirty mags

thatdavid: @russelltovey it does look like you've been sat on by a panther :)

n03113ch4n: @russelltovey The kitty looks quite content. Also, I like you with facial hair. Quite sexy, you know.

Nelly at home c/o Matthew Cain

LORD DUFFER of billericay

russelltovey: Lord Duffer of Billericay x

delicateone:@russelltovey Lord Duffer is worthy of being papped, he is very handsome

jwhedonaddict: @russelltovey Aww. :)

Wolfie_Rankin: @russelltovey He's lovely, I have Miss Vicky here, who's favourite game is sinking her teeth into my ankle.

russelltovey: Paparazzi... X

edwardclarke: @russelltovey Aw, cutie! :-)

slong5: @russelltovey papar-cat-zzi?? I'll get my coat.

robdiament: Fair mission complete!!!!!!! Now it's time to eat a celebration dinner for one. Ha.

russelltovey: @robdiament hi babe x

robdiament: @russelltovey hi babe!! Back home tomorrow morning. I'll call you. Dream week xx

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