Friday, June 24, 2011





russelltovey: Decided to stay in tonight...haven't stopped or had a night of nothing for literally 2 months..And y'know what? I am bored…Watching Gok!? X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Boring people get bored, it's what you tell small children so it must be true xxx

boydhilton: @russelltovey come over. I've got a big telly and champagne. As ever. x

russelltovey: @boydhilton sounds hot... But I'm in a reebok t shirt and nothing else... X

boydhilton: @russelltovey Hot. The Add Lee driver won't mind. xx

richyj1504: @russelltovey Friday nights in are always boring unless you add alcohol to it! Why not have a little tipple to yourself?!

russelltovey: @richyj1504 just opened an old red x

Charliecondou: The bridesmaids is brilliant and @BigBoyler you were ace

russelltovey: @Charliecondou @BigBoyler I agree... Great performance x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @Charliecondou Where do I blog this one?? Eeeeep!

boydhilton: @russelltovey @charliecondou @bigboyler I second that agreement.

BigBoyler: @boydhilton @russelltovey @charliecondou aww... shucks. Thanks lads.

thompsonrob: @russelltovey You looked amazing earlier. Your beautiful xx

russelltovey: Switched over to Alan Carr... Boredom has left x perfect Friday tv

MightOfFear: @russelltovey You should dance to Rebecca black friday if you get bored again ;)

russelltovey: Bruce Forsyth is old school x has he done book, he should have done a book, has he done a book? X

DjxTheGame99: @russelltovey didnt he write the bible lmao......

boydhilton: @russelltovey yes I read it a few years ago before interviewing him at his home where his wife Wilnelia served tea & biscuits. Milk was off

russelltovey: @boydhilton I love off milk... Hot x

boydhilton: @russelltovey it was hot. He has a huge portrait of himself on the wall in his lounge. A bit like your art collection. xx

russelltovey: @boydhilton how hot? I would love a portrait of Bruce above my bed x

russelltovey: Amazing tv... The apology Bruce deserved finally... I've been worrying about it for months x

boydhilton: When I interviewed Sir Brucie in his dressing room after a @wossy show, he took his shirt off in front of me to change into something comfy

demelza2: @russelltovey where?

SHK80: @russelltovey why are you not watching Glastonbury? Not a u2 fan??

russelltovey: @SHK80 no x

AmeyWithAnE: @russelltovey Watch U2 live at Glastonbury on BBC3 Russell.. thats if you like Bono etc in the first place

russelltovey: @AmeyWithAnE nope x

scott_mills: On the way to Brighton!

russelltovey: @scott_mills jel x

russelltovey: Look at Bruce's son?????! X

LornaParrett: @russelltovey if you find out if Brucie HAS an autobiography let me know please x

russelltovey: @LornaParrett he has two apparently x

djy12345: @russelltovey Yep. Couple of years ago.

Charliecondou: @djy12345 @russelltovey did you do it Doug? I'd like to do a book please. You two can both be in it

djy12345: @Charliecondou @russelltovey Yes. How much money do you want?

Charliecondou: @djy12345 @russelltovey How much does Jordan get?

djy12345: @Charliecondou @russelltovey £24 and as much paint as she can drink. Will that do?

CiaranGK: @russelltovey Id like to do some strictly cum dancing with HIM. Get it?.. Cum... Nudge nudge wink wink x

russelltovey: @CiaranGK I don't get it x

russelltovey: This cheap warm red is a dream x

theladyreed: @russelltovey erm... I'm a brunette

guy_interruptd: Someone just asked me if I'm one of the blokes from The Reason.

russelltovey: @guy_interruptd hot x

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey sadly I'm not. But if I were, it'd solve a whole load of problems getting laid...

shoegalvics: @russelltovey I love how u put a kiss after every tweet, so very endearing! :) x

russelltovey: @shoegalvics ta x

russelltovey: Glass number 2 of cheap warm Amazing red wine x

Olliestweet: @russelltovey Oh alcoholic anonymous here you come!

russelltovey: Knockout Saturdays performance on Norton x

sameasdads: @russelltovey REALLY?!!!! Seriously! 'twas shite!

russelltovey: Is Sienna Miller In the Saturdays??? X

PBC13: @russelltovey That's @MollieTheSats She's even better than Sienna Miller because she's in The Saturdays!

russelltovey: @PBC13 she is nice x

samjohnrhodes: @russelltovey yer but how dull is the single, where's the chorus??

russelltovey: @samjohnrhodes I really love the song!!! X

scott_mills: I AM on way to Brighton. But driving through Brixton!

russelltovey: @scott_mills still Jel x

scott_mills: @russelltovey ha. You're bored aren't you? That's what I'm like when I stay in x

russelltovey: @scott_mills a bit aye... You working in Brighton tonight? X

scott_mills: @russelltovey yeah playin some tunes x

russelltovey: @scott_mills hot! Drink soon eh! X

scott_mills: @russelltovey YES! X

rob_ah: @russelltovey don't get too drunk, drag yourself down the gym tomorrow Mr Tovey!

guy_interruptd: @rob_ah @russelltovey yep, we expect to see you there bright and early!

rob_ah: @guy_interruptd @russelltovey KJ you up for tomorrow then or just Sunday?

guy_interruptd: @rob_ah Yeah, have to be in Spitalfields for 4 but any time before that x @russelltovey

russelltovey: @guy_interruptd :-) x

our_tone: @russelltovey OH! Am a right in thinking that I need to get an amazing your tour from you of the Being Human set? #twitrelief

russelltovey: @our_tone yes! Come next week? X

our_tone: @russelltovey What days are you shooting?

russelltovey: @our_tone everyday except Tuesday... I will speak to Comic Relief and the producers... What works for you? X

our_tone: @russelltovey Well I'm working most days next week. But Thurs is quiet so maybe then??

our_tone: @russelltovey Anyhoo. Let me know when is do-able. Traveling to Wales is surprisingly expensive.

russelltovey: @our_tone cool... DM me and get your ass to Barry Island! Let me know ASAP and I will clear it with the producers!! X

russelltovey: @our_tone is it? I could just buy you nandos back in London? Would that be better than an expensive set visit? X

our_tone: @russelltovey Haha. I work in telly so a set visit is nice bit not amazing. I reckon a Nandos and a few Being Human teasers would suffice...

russelltovey: @our_tone Perfect! Lets do It end of the month/start July? X

our_tone: @russelltovey K. I'll DM you details.

our_tone: @russelltovey Unless there is something magical about Barry Island that I'm not aware of. I'd hate to miss that magic. ;-)

russelltovey: @our_tone it is magical I'm Not gonna lie.... Your choice... I'd prefer chicken x

our_tone: @russelltovey I've sent you early dates for Nandos. But I studied in Cardiff so do love Barry Island. What's the latest filming date?

our_tone: @russelltovey Screw it. I choose chicken. We can't go wrong.

russelltovey: What does one watch on tv niw? X

our_tone: @russelltovey One watches Family Guy / Porn.

Julie_Atherton: @russelltovey porn?

gegeorgia: @russelltovey Bored enough to give me a tweet? :)

russelltovey: @gegeorgia sure :-) x

russelltovey: I've lost my remote!!!!!

russelltovey: Found it x

BrittanyAFC: @russelltovey you lost it for 13 seconds! bless your cotton socks :)

JaredofMo: @russelltovey You probably got it confused for that other, similar-looking thing..

plusblanc: @russelltovey You were sitting on it, weren't you.

russelltovey: Finally yes i am Watching Glastonbury highlights... Did I just hear Bonio use the word 'fuck' in A U2 song? X

simperman: @russelltovey A lot of people use fuck when they realise they are listening to a U2 song #glastontelly

ol_corbett: @russelltovey Bono can do whatever he wants nowadays! reply pleaaase :) x

russelltovey: @ol_corbett hello! Can he?? X

Matt_R_: Could you spam my feed some more please? :3 @russelltovey

russelltovey: @Matt_R_ blurrrrggggghhhhhhhh x

ILJGrowlage: @russelltovey hahahahaq your n ot a u2 fan then hun?

russelltovey: @ILJGrowlage no x

jamester74: @russelltovey RUSSELL! Just because Bonio said it doesn't make it right. If he stuck his finger on a fire would you?!

russelltovey: @jamester74 not if Bonio said No x

tezlong: @russelltovey who is this bonio you speak oflol

russelltovey: @tezlong U2 frontman...? Blind? X

russelltovey: Wow Glastonbury Made U2's whole career??? X

not_a_machine: @russelltovey That's what Bono said lol

russelltovey: Is Bonio actually blind or Is that a viscious rumor? X

smillsy: @russelltovey must have been blind to put that outfit on. Must be an age and weight limit for leather trousers?

russelltovey: And is the edge bald?? X

boydhilton: @russelltovey so bald. Edge never removes the hat. Bono never removes the shades. x

russelltovey: @boydhilton I find it slightly aggravating x

russelltovey: Love Jo Whiley x

paulmicsmi: @russelltovey hate Jo Whiley

russelltovey: @paulmicsmi take that back x

hipstertwat: @russelltovey me too, she's a future national treasure tbh

LOisVE: @russelltovey You know Bonio is a type of dog biscuit and not the singer of U2, right? ;)

russelltovey: @LOisVE really????? X

russelltovey: “@jessicurx: @russelltovey ever meet up with your 'history boys' pals?” No I can't stand any of them ;-) x

russelltovey: “@Goslingsawagrin: @russelltovey who is Bruce Forsyth?” what?? He is a legend right wittys??? X

32andy32: @russelltovey you have taken over my homepage!

russelltovey: @32andy32 do I Need to Apologize? X

craigblaxland: @russelltovey. Randomly, I realised u bear an uncanny resemblance to jack wilshere, my missus disagrees, please settle r argument x

russelltovey: @craigblaxland is he hot? Then yes! X

_Hatty_: @russelltovey Do you look back at Mud & Spywatch & cringe at all? (Yes I am that old lol..) x

russelltovey: @_Hatty_ never! Incred proud x

brettreardon: Umm. I think i've developed a crush on @russelltovey. So, Russ, how 'bout it? ;)

russelltovey: @brettreardon how about what!?? X

russelltovey: Primal scream? Discuss... Not for long tho please x

webwhore: @russelltovey Band!

siatabiri: @russelltovey So who do you think was Jack the Ripper?

russelltovey: @siatabiri Joan Collins x

russelltovey: By the way... Went Selfridges today... The end bits of the sale are cool... I Bought a bum bag... Whoops x

Julie_Atherton: @russelltovey Get out!

russelltovey: @Julie_Atherton get in (my bed now) please x

Julie_Atherton: @russelltovey already in it! Turn the light off before you get in!

russelltovey: “@Julie_Atherton: @russelltovey already in it! Turn the light off before you get in!” just need to wash me balls x see you in a min x

Jasperbunny: @russelltovey hey up mr russell can i get a tweet before i go to the mand of lumber, after washing me balls of course! lol x

russelltovey: @Jasperbunny wash them balls, wash them good x

mattyjojo: @russelltovey Help an American understand what a bum bag is. My imagination is running wild in all the wrong places.

russelltovey: @mattyjojo fanny pack... Apologies to USA followers... But for us Brits its like saying minge sack x

KevinLehane: @russelltovey Ha! You need to tweet more when you're on the sauce!

russelltovey: @KevinLehane am I an embarrassment? X

KevinLehane: @russelltovey No, you're a legend!

russelltovey: @KevinLehane follow @KevinLehane he is the future X

KevinLehane: @russelltovey I already do, but aww thanks matey! ;-)

craigblaxland: @russelltovey see for yourself, my missus says ur hot anyway, damn her LOL

russelltovey: @craigblaxland yeah fit... Your Missus has a very fine taste x

heylucywalker: @russelltovey I adore your existence x

russelltovey: @heylucywalker and yours... What a lovely thing to say x

RacheltheRant: @russelltovey It'sbeen awhile since I've bugged you to tweet my wife. Could you send your sexiest wink to @OmnisexualTwist ?

russelltovey: @RacheltheRant hi x

Chrissy_JM: @russelltovey are you pissed?

russelltovey: @Chrissy_JM yes sir x

russelltovey: How many followers do I properly have? iPhone is behind by a week right? X

Tom_in_Oz_: Just over 47,100 x

russelltovey: Wowsers... Thanks wonderful wittys x 3k away from 50k followers x

phantomphoenix_: @russelltovey hhmm, you dropped 7 followers since ya tweeted this, down to 47000 now :( perhaps the wine & tweeting isn't such a good idea:(

russelltovey: @phantomphoenix_ what???? X

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey shitbagx

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan GB!!! U spoke to lemon? X

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey Lemon? who the hell is lemon, I am assuming you mean lezza??, in which case, no xx

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan speak to her ASAP about flats... X seriously call her ASAP and discuss x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey cool, will do, still all good for the one we discussed?x

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan poss... Talk to her... Downstairs Now available Too x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey what??? whats wrong with that building!xx

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan just ring her... She is complicating my head x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey now, she up??

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan prob... I'm Not her aunt x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey no you're her mother! should be shot! or at least have your tubes cut x

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan pre x

hev77: @russelltovey wicked seen them xx please retweet me cause I love u and being at Glasto and u retweeeting will make me xxx

russelltovey: @hev77 hi x

hev77: @russelltovey u should be Here it's the best, even tho it's raining and my best mate deb loves u too we dooooo xxxxxxxxxxx

russelltovey: @hev77 :-) !.

russelltovey: What are the names of the other member of U2? Bonio, cliff Edge, Larry and....? X

russelltovey: “@MyGenQPR: @russelltovey You are on the road to world domination. Tovey is the new black” Tovey is the new Black? Hahaha x

russelltovey: I am struggling to message properly, it's taking 3 minutes longer per tweet than it should so my next message will be raw and unedited ok? X

N1cholas_H: @russelltovey hmmm russell tovey raw and unedited throw in dermot o and im there its my 30th birthday so i can get away with this right?

russelltovey: @N1cholas_H happy 30 x

NCLTony: @russelltovey You need to get osfoora for iPhone instead of twitter app. Far superior in my opinion

russelltovey: IsnU2 still On Fucikin screen?? I thought thwd done their Bit No? See????? X

russelltovey: “@male_Liz_Lemon: @russelltovey @MyGenQPR Once you go Tovey, you never go back?!” tis true x

JaredofMo: @russelltovey You have either ruined my life or made it so much better. I think it's the latter.

russelltovey: @JaredofMo hopefully x

snowsunshine: @russelltovey Russell, I am too excited to sleep as I passed my exams for my Criminal Law Masters degree :D

russelltovey: @snowsunshine congrats x

squidgywooluvsu: @russelltovey is making me laugh lots this eve so he can have a belated #ff too. #ff @russelltovey. Thankyou x

russelltovey: @squidgywooluvsu :-) x

russelltovey: Who is richer BooHoo (U2) or The Saturdays?? X

missingpanda: @russelltovey I'm gonna have a wild stab in the dark and say... The Saturdays

russelltovey: @missingpanda charming Baker moniker? X

missingpanda: @russelltovey I'm not Baker related. What are you drinking anyway?

russelltovey: @missingpanda but its A print by the artist Charming Baker no? X

missingpanda: @russelltovey Oh yes, sorry. Forgive me, it's too late for me to get the connections, and I'm only pretending drinking. Are you a Baker fan?

russelltovey: @missingpanda yeah x

missingpanda: @russelltovey Good lad

russelltovey: Ok somebody just stood up for a piss break and stumbled across the room like Nanny Pat x so I've poured myself another red wine.. X

russelltovey: I think this may officially be the first time I have ever got pissed by myself... It's fucking brilliant! X

ThatCharlieBird: @russelltovey Who would you rather punch, Bono or Billy Mitchell?

russelltovey: @ThatCharlieBird Bonio x

cjharry: @russelltovey Red wine - very sophisticated. Merlot? Cabernet Sauvignon? Sainsbury's special? ;-)

russelltovey: @cjharry Rioja I think? X

Olliestweet: @russelltovey Or just please tweet me, I will be so excited, Like on Christmas Eve. Tweet me, or please follow, and make my Day!! xx

russelltovey: @Olliestweet ho ho ho x

Olliestweet: @russelltovey This is going up on my facebook! AHHH, so excited i'm like shaking haha :D x

russelltovey: @Olliestweet nice x

Olliestweet: @russelltovey Oh my gooshh you tweeted again, this is all very exciting. REALLY OVERWHELMED. Awh thank you! The Russell Tovey tweeted me :Dx

russelltovey: @Olliestweet do you want another tweet? Here it is mate!!!! X

Olliestweet: @russelltovey I still can't get over the fact you tweeted me, I remember you from like everything! Ahhh, your an amazing actor! x

russelltovey: @Olliestweet cheers Ollie x

squidgywooluvsu: @russelltovey just tweeted me. I am now behaving like a 12yr girl. Overly excited by this fact. Its an honour too. Mum will be very jealous. Ta

russelltovey: @squidgywooluvsu i love your mum x

squidgywooluvsu: Had to ring me mum to tell her @russelltovey tweeted bout her. She thought something bad had happened. Fun! Whole fam loved u in Dr.Who. X

russelltovey: @squidgywooluvsu I love your fam X

textualdeviance: @russelltovey Hey, Russell: My husband @Mekle's having a crappy workweek. He adores you, and an RT would cheer him right up.

russelltovey: @textualdeviance cheer up mate :-) x

LoneRanger13: @russelltovey can i have a drunken tweet? it would encourage me to get drunk more often!

russelltovey: @LoneRanger13 blurrrrhhhjjjjgghhh x

b3n_ifit: @russelltovey do you ever get tired ov telling everyone on twitter happy birthday?

russelltovey: @b3n_ifit birthdays are Special and can never be boring... Unlike my own... I hate my own birthday x

russelltovey: Fuk u... Fuk her too... Aint that some Shit... Sorry I can't afford A Ferrari x

russelltovey: Cee Lo green looks like the Legions of Doom WWF no? X

MABLowe: @russelltovey legions of doom? They are white .... Closer to mark henry maybe? x

russelltovey: @MABLowe just the outfit x

TheAdzFactor: @russelltovey Is your penis as nice as your arse?

russelltovey: @TheAdzFactor better x

russelltovey: My mate just rang to Check i am ok? Ha ha... I am Gonna regret this tomorrow right? Ha x

russelltovey: “@Hedgeees: I think I love mildly drunk @russelltovey more than I love sober @russelltovey... Didn't think it was possible!” danger! X

maffsaints: @russelltovey Hi Russell, are you going to Hard Rock Calling, at Hyde Park tomorrow ?.It's just like Glasto but without the smell of piss.

russelltovey: @maffsaints in love the smell of piss x

MsKinLondon: @russelltovey ur not getting pissed by urself, I'm home alone having a cheeky red! I follow u on twit so we're drinking together technically

russelltovey: @MsKinLondon cool thank you x

russelltovey: I have a callous on my little finger where I hold my iPhone and it Rubs on the charger entrance edge... I message too much eh? X

LexDiscipulus: @russelltovey When is'Hi And Her' back on please, Russell Tovey?

russelltovey: @LexDiscipulus nov x

russelltovey: Who is this live lounge???? X

Mipod_: @russelltovey I danced with u once in Soho, u knew my friends friend, ur friends were all dressed smart @ late, ur a good mover when pissed x

russelltovey: @Mipod_ I'm a good Mover sober too x

mlinge: @russelltovey can I get a RT and maybe a little "x" ?

russelltovey: @mlinge you can have a big X x

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey babe, intervention! time to put the phone down before drunken tweets turn sour like the milk i bought you prob havn't chucked

russelltovey: @mrchrissullivan :-) x post x

russelltovey: “@Olliestwee: @russelltovey Do you know when Him & Her series 2 is out? Have you filmed yet? Whats it like with Sarah? AHH, :D x” Nov x

russelltovey: Does anyone else Think twitter profile Photos are like a Monet? Great from a distance but not so much close up x

russelltovey: “@frunkiee: @russelltovey is 'dan' gonna be in him&her 2?! He is my 2nd fave character :p” big time x

russelltovey: “@lauraannguy: @russelltovey : do you know warm alcohol gets you drunk faster than cold? 'tis true!” what An Amazing Fact!!! X

nicokyle: @russelltovey I spend my life trying to get a reply from you. Since this seems impossible, what would you suggest instead?!

russelltovey: @nicokyle hi x

fsb: @russelltovey I love you lots russell tovey but stop stop with the nonsense booze tweets - I can't see anything else that's going on!!! xx

russelltovey: @fsb really? Ok Game Over! Night my wonderful wittys... You make me a better man x x x x

kessa82: @russelltovey do you remember an improvised scene at 'stepbystep' on an airplane preparing for a crash?!!!

russelltovey: @kessa82 nope... But sounds hot x

kessa82: @russelltovey ahhh I remember doing some play set in the 1900s too that we had to perform at the end of the yr show!! Look at you now!

Olliestweet: RT @Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey I THINK @Olliestweet HAS PROBABLY PASSED OUT NOW OR FAINTED !!

Olliestweet: @Tom_In_Oz_ So do I, @russelltovey has made me like the happiest ever, AHHH. :D I am so awake now, :D AHHH, EXCITED. THANKS RUSSELL! X

Tom_in_Oz_: @Olliestweet @russelltovey AND WHEN i GET 2 HOURS TO MYSELF i WILL BLOG HIS 27 A4 PAGES OF TWEEETING XXX

Olliestweet: @Tom_In_Oz_ Haha! A lot to tweet then! Good luck haha! I can't believe @russelltovey tweeted me, it's amazing. Seriously so happy

russelltovey: 11% battery.. And its a good night from me... You are all overwhelming x

russelltovey: “@nicokyle: @russelltovey Yay! :D Did you know the bible is the most shop-lifted book in the world?” Fascina c

DaveDixon92: @russelltovey Any chance of a tweet before you dissapear and wake with a sore head in the morning?

russelltovey: @DaveDixon92 ;-)

sage_from_oz: @russelltovey Night night lovely. Hope you don't feel too bad in the morning xx

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ I do believe that Russ ran out of juice before his phone did. LOL

russelltovey: I woke up on the sofa, I've never done that, it's like something from an 80's movie like Mystic Pizza or the Breakfast Club... BREAKFAST! X

angloirishgal: @russelltovey Never woken on a sofa? You haven't lived.

russelltovey: Isn't breakfast a wonderful word...... X

angloirishgal: @russelltovey just been your tweets from last night. Hilarious. You should get trollied by yourself more often x

russelltovey: Congrats NY x

russelltovey: “@ShirMcCullagh: @russelltovey you dirty stop out lol” I was a dirty stop IN x

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