Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Anxious much!!

Today Russell has Re Tweeted his message about BBC1 showing repeats of Him & Her a record number of times on Twitter!!! He then went out for an evening of merriment. Click picture to enlarge.

johncconnell1: @russelltovey you're retweeting your tits off x

Mitchycrook: @russelltovey saw you looking FLY on Old Compton street yesterday in your shorts and sunglasses on the phone!!! Awwwww can't wait for BH

an exercise in drunk tweeting

russelltovey: Hot like a tampon x

TheIanNash: @russelltovey not nice!!!

russelltovey: Pissed in Whitechapel x

RachelKoz: @russelltovey That would explain the bizarre comparison in the previous tweet.

FoxyLorri64: @russelltovey oh dear, is it that time of the month again! lol xx

Jonathan_M_Bell: Didn't they go over tweeting drunk at celebrity school, as in don't? RT @russelltovey Pissed in Whitechapel x

russelltovey: Spread it x

DrakesMakes: @russelltovey I love you dearly, but no I will not do that.

russelltovey: Hot like a tampon..... Spread it like wildfire... But it started here!!!! :-) x

GinaDavy: @russelltovey How pissed exactly?

RealSteSmith: @russelltovey has ur twitter been hacked or summat?

JannineR: @russelltovey what on earth are you wittering about!??

johncconnell1: @russelltovey are u talking to me or chewing a tampon? Coz either way you'll get blood in your mouth... ;-) x

GaryPalin1966: @russelltovey that's vile!

russelltovey: RT @filmclassics: RT @russelltovey Hot like a tampon..... Spread it like wildfire... But it started here!!!! :-) #hotlikeatampon

SineadKeenan: @russelltovey You disgust me Ears!

KevinLehane: @russelltovey You filthy degenerate. :-p

raebaby525: @SineadKeenan @russelltovey. I agree Sinead!!! What is with our boy today? This is what happens with idle hands! LoL

robdiament: At Angela Hartnett's cookbook launch at Whitechapel. Amazing foooooood!!! Wowee!!!! :)

Tom_In_Oz_: @robdiament any chance you can stop @russelltovey throwing his career away on stupid attention seeking tweets about tampons???

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey if you were a woman & had to use tampons etc then maybe you'd treat women with a little more respect. Reality check to aisle 5

demelza2 RT @Jesmarie13: @russelltovey really glad Him & Her is getting a BBC1 repeat and a series 2, but the tampon thing...just no ;)

Kezz_RTvey_ESxB: @Tom_In_Oz_ I don’t understand the tampon thing aha! What's it all about? Xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Kezz_RTvey_ESxB well it's why grownups often say to kids, "don't drink" - it's poor judgement by Russell under the influence obviously

Kezz_RTvey_ESxB: @Tom_In_Oz_ I still don’t understand why hot like a tampon comes into it aha! X

russelltovey: RT @bigtalk: Enjoy the #himandher re-run on BBC1 and BBC1 HD starting now! Info on the brand new series 2 incoming over the next few weeks.

seannr87: @russelltovey more RTing? You go girl x

russelltovey: @seannr87 apologies x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey U apologise to 1 fan about re-tweeting but all ur women followers who may be offended by the tampon tweets anything for them?

robertastewart: Is this a new him & her @russelltovey

russelltovey: @robertastewart it's series 1 repeat on BBC 1... Great huh? X

our_tone: Watching Him & Her - in Spain - in a villa. It's essentially the same, just a warmer climate.

russelltovey: @our_tone you rock!!!! X

boydhilton: Watching Him & Her for probably the 6th time (first time on BBC1). Still works.

russelltovey: @boydhilton you Are sooooo hot x

boydhilton: @russelltovey forgot how hot @solemani is in this ep. Double plus hot. xx

davemorrissey64: @boydhilton @russelltovey @solemani She is amazing!

russelltovey: @davemorrissey64 yep! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton Hi Boyd, Russ has just insulted some of his female fans with earlier tweets about tampons, it's on the blog not his best moment .

boydhilton: @Tom_In_Oz_ don't be silly

Tom_In_Oz_: @boydhilton even his old drama teacher Pat sent him a please stop message...

johncconnell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey give it a break Tom.What's it to you? Ref to your previous tweets/back catalog, it is you who is da attention seeker

Tom_In_Oz_: @johncconnell1 @russelltovey lol I'm off for a nice day out no dramas here x

demelza2: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey wasn't quite a "please stop" message just thought it wasn't nice, did you read my teddy tweet yfrog.com/kkdujgwj

Tom_In_Oz_: @demelza2 Hi Pat yes I did see your Teddy tweet & Annie. Re the other issue I sometimes forget Russ is not my son, he & my son are the same age.

demelza2: @demelza2 @tom_in_oz_ @russelltovey think we should forget it now :)))

SAINTIXE56: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey tom ys ago, serious professors in medicine did a lot worse so leave the lad alone

princess nelly taking refreshments

russelltovey: Princess Nelly for @MatthewCainC4 x

russelltovey: RT @bigtalk: Be sure to catch Him & Her on BBC 1 tonight - right from the beginning! It starts at 11:15pm #himandher

russelltovey: RT @itvthismorning: Today; Gray O’Brien & Tessa Peak-Jones, travel gadgets, Laurence of Interiors, Phil Vickery and Him & Her actors @russelltovey & @Solemani

russelltovey: En route to This Morning... On at 12.15 with @solemani x :-)

Solemani: On route to 'this morning' interview with Phillip Schofield. Should I mention I went to see him in 'joseph' when i was eight ?!

russelltovey: @Solemani yes! X

russelltovey: RT @tessamatchett: Don't forget fans of Him and Her first series is repeated again on BBC1 from tonight 11.15pm @bbc3tv

Solemani: @russelltovey ohh! Travel gadgets and INTERIORS! x

russelltovey: @Solemani in the make-up chair for This Morning talking about Him and Her repeat bbc1 tonight 11.15 x

ahngiiABZ: right then. If it's #nationakissingday I'm gonna get some twitter kisses off famous people..how about @russelltovey starts me off..mwah x”

russelltovey: @ahngiiABZ x



After Russell’s appearance on "This Morning" on ITV he got a myriad of tweets that were congratulatory and then there was this perverse set…

(contains strong language)

ShitneyQueerz: @russelltovey was looking haawwwt on #thismorning. (God if only he was gay, and single, and in my bed.....naked...*Dreams*) LOL!

DanW___: @ShitneyQueerz me and @russelltovey are getting married, he's not aware of it yet but it's gonna happen #bangtidy!

ShitneyQueerz: @DanW___ @russelltovey Well you two can get married but I'll be his other woman! Man? Oh, ya know what I mean! lol.

DanW___: @ShitneyQueerz @russelltovey his bitch yeh? LMFAO! Where you taking me on my first date Russ? I'll put out on the second date! Ok 1st hahaha

ShitneyQueerz: @DanW___ @russelltovey Put out on the first date? I'd suck his dick in the taxi!!! LOL.

Tom_In_Oz_: @ShitneyQueerz Can I please quote you on that? lol

ShitneyQueerz: @Tom_In_Oz_ You can indeed! LOL.

ShitneyQueerz: @ShitneyQueerz @russelltovey hahaha, I'd let him do bad things to me! 3sum Russ? U don't mind if I call you Russ do you? Ha!

ShitneyQueerz: @DanW___ @russelltovey LOL. LOL.

ShitneyQueerz: @ShitneyQueerz @russelltovey I promise not to sell the story to the papers! Haha

Tom_In_Oz_: @ShitneyQueerz @DanW___ as promised you have been quoted on the Tovey blog russell-tovey.blogspot.com

ShitneyQueerz: @Tom_In_Oz_ @DanW___ LOL. Thanking you. x

DanW___: @Tom_In_Oz_ @shitneyqueerz ? What's he on about?

ShitneyQueerz: @DanW___ @Tom_In_Oz_ We are now on one of Russels fansites. LOL!!! Click the link! x

DanW___: @ShitneyQueerz @tom_in_oz_ Oooh, really? One step closer to our marriage and your mistressness lol

DanW___: @ShitneyQueerz @tom_in_oz_were nearly famous now James! Ha!

ShitneyQueerz: @DanW___ @tom_in_oz_ LOL!

DanW___: @tom_in_oz_ since your a uber fan, you'll know, is he really gay?

Tom_In_Oz_: @DanW___ @ShitneyQueerz sure mate he is gay = 100% gay

ShitneyQueerz: @Tom_In_Oz_ Well, I'd heard the rumours but never believed them. Very happy chappy at the moment! LOL. x

DanW___: @Tom_In_Oz_ @shitneyqueerz now Ur gonna ruin my life and tell me he has a boyfriend rite? I want to be his bf lol! I'll ask him nicely, see what he says :)



The following clip is the brainchild of my buddy Ewan who has spent a great deal of time editing this together. It contains no Russell Tovey but some of the characters in this video will be appearing in season four of Being Human...

KnaveoG: @RussTov_FanSite becoming human another brick in the wall.


Russell Tovey had a small role in the 2008 TV series Mutual Friends which starred Marc Warren, Alexander Armstrong (one of my distant actor relatives), Keeley Hawes, Sarah Alexander, Claire Rushbrook, Naomi Bentley, Rhashan Stone, Lee Ross & Emily Joyce.

Press play to see Russell Tovey playing a bemused real estate agent in his last scene in Mutual Friends.

Press play to see Russell Tovey in a slideshow of his scenes set to the song "Don't Go" by fellow Billericay Essex performer Alison Moyet.

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