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russelltovey: Princess Nelly for @MatthewCainC4 x

Buttonmoon1982: @RussTov_FanSite is it this week or next that the new series of BH starts filming? Gonna pop down to have a nose

RussTov_FanSite: @Buttonmoon1982 they have already started filming on the 20th June.

Buttonmoon1982: @RussTov_FanSite ah cool. I knew they were in Newport beg of July as they using my place of work soon. Wasn't sure if they'd started yet thou

Solemani: Doing 'This Morning' with Russell tomorrow. What to wear? What to wear?

THEKERRYHOWARD: @Solemani your birthday suit x

Solemani: Should I wear a political statement t-shirt? Should I? Hmmm ...

THEKERRYHOWARD: Just watch step 9 of 12 by rob hayes at the brittainia and it was fucking amazing! Well done everyone who was involved! X

russelltovey: Just seen a really special fringe play at the new Britannia Theatre, Victoria Park called 'Step 9 (of 12)' and it's really really good! Go!x

THEKERRYHOWARD: I'm still burping Toulouse sausages! Why! Sorry @russelltovey @Solemani for adding a weird smell in the play. X

russelltovey: @THEKERRYHOWARD it was hot.. You always have a slight sausagey smell on your breath anyway, it's fine x

russelltovey: /via @NationalTheatre Go see!!!!! X

MichaelCrisis: @russelltovey Big headed I know, but it's my B'day, any chance of a RT?

russelltovey: @MichaelCrisis happy B day mate x

russelltovey: Is a pecan nut the same as a walnut????? X

Pinksixty_News: @russelltovey That depends on what you want to do with it ;-)

ijoeallen: @russelltovey not the same u nutter.

russelltovey: Thank you for clarifying that indeed the walnut and pecan nut are a different nut entirely x

Stenhouse_1: @russelltovey himbo.

russelltovey: “@TVSatelliteWeek: @russelltovey Peanuts and monkey nuts ARE the same thing, though!” wtf??? X

russelltovey: “@genesgal: @russelltovey @TVSatelliteWeek they are but tecnically a peanut is a legume!” is that French for veg? A peanut is a vegetable? X

clangyandjammy: @russelltovey They also grow under the ground... Which is why peanut oil is called 'groundnut oil' in supermarkets! xx

russelltovey: Can't believe what I'm reading about News of the World... Shut it down... Disgusting

Scotty_McTweety: @russelltovey Totally agree, it is sickening, they are scum, those involved should face criminal charges.

russelltovey: RT @RoxRobin: Guess what.... @russelltovey & @Solemani are on This Morning tomorrow at 12.15pm!! Tune in peeps! #Him & Her S.1 on #BBC1 11.15pm tomorrow!

russelltovey: RT @scottm: BBC2 sitcom Him&Her starts a BBC1 repeat run tmrw @ 11.15pm. Hear my interview with stars @russelltovey and @Solemani…

Click the following link to hear Russell's podcast interview from 2010:

_Tweetie_Pie: @russelltovey any chance of congratulating my son Aaron on his first proper school play?! The boy did really good, the next Russell maybe? x

russelltovey: @_Tweetie_Pie congrats Aaron x

MatthewCainC4: After heavy day am unwinding in my hotel room to Schubert piano sonatas. Can anyone think of a better way of relaxing...?

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 Deborah cocks? X

russelltovey: Rip Cy Twombly x

BEING HUMAN publication
out July 2011

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Above: Russell Tovey at BBC Switch Live Awards 2009 where he presented best film to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was accepted by Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in all of the Harry Potter films.

russelltovey: RT @kulturbegleiter: Guardian Culture - My TV hero: Russell Tovey on Lovejoy #culture

My TV hero: Russell Tovey on Lovejoy

In a world where the worst crime is a faked landscape painting, Ian McShane's Lovejoy was a lovable rogue with a mullet

As told to Vicky Frost, Monday 4 July 2011

Russell: When I was a child I was quite eccentric. I was obsessed with Antiques Roadshow, and my mum used to take me to car boot sales at the weekend. My mum collected things, and I've been a collector my whole life – now it's art, rather than antiques – and so Lovejoy, with Ian McShane in the lead role, was my favourite programme.

I was about six or seven years old, and I'd be very excited about Sunday night TV – Antiques Roadshow followed by Lovejoy. Hours of antiques television! I loved that Lovejoy was this romanticised antique dealer with a motorbike and a mullet. I just thought: "What's not cool about that?"

He was a bit of a lothario, I suppose; a bit of a rogue. But what I loved was that while Lovejoy wasn't that smart, he could always spot a forgery or a fake from the real thing and that while his friend Tinker, played by Dudley Sutton, was the real brains behind things, Lovejoy was the face of business. He was what I wanted to be when I grew up, I suppose – although sadly my hair is too curly to be a good mullet.

I have since watched Ian McShane in a few episodes of Deadwood but to be honest, I want him to stay as Lovejoy. To me, that's who he will always be. He always seemed really cool.

As a child it felt like while Lovejoy was an adult show, it was also a safe, happy place, where the worst crime was a faked landscape painting. The show also starred Phyllis Logan, who is a great actress.

I've haven't actually rewatched it as a grownup. If I did, it would take me right back to being an antiques-obsessed, eccentric child. Perhaps I should treat myself to the box set – but then when you watch things back as an adult, they are never as good as they were when you were a kid. Also, sadly, I think Lovejoy has probably dated – and I'm just not going to respect that haircut as much now.

• Russell Tovey is in Him & Her, on BBC1, Wednesday at 11.15pm

WYNDAMERE: my father braveheart. he is my flower of Scotland.

Above: Russ on the dance floor circa 2008.

russelltovey: I have to correct a past tweet... The Sherlock episode I am in is called #thehoundsofBaskerville not the hounds of Baskervilles x no S x

russelltovey: I can't say anything else.... X

katypegg: @russelltovey Are you finished? If not, say hi to Martin from me.

russelltovey: @katypegg finished aye x

russelltovey: Happy July 4th to Americans and their admirers x

russelltovey: Today I will be mostly exploring... Stoke Newington x

pauljsweeney: @russelltovey our mutual friend Elliott Jordan lives near there Russell you should pop in for a cuppa! I'm sure he'd like to see you.

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