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russell tovey

russelltovey: Who caught 'Rick and Peter' on E4 then??? Good??? X


rickedwards1: for the benefit of @alantwill, @russelltovey and myself (mainly), 'Rick and Peter' is online at Or somewhere like that


1900hg: @russelltovey Embarrassing.


alantwill: @rickedwards1 @russelltovey cheers Mr E - Hope you're well. Great job on the Worlds by the way :D


alantwill: @rickedwards1 Search on 4OD shows no results. This link takes you straight to "Rick and Peter" @russelltovey


BookJo: @russelltovey It had good moments-I really like that Rick Edwards willing to make caricacture of himself-kept cringing at imaginary youtube


cambsextest: @russelltovey:We love u. We have a poster board in our office of pictures of you. We each pin secretly our names to your ears as a sign


cambsextest: @russelltovey: of our love. Each week the boss picks one ear and whoevers name is on it gets to buy that Fridays cookies ...

Above: Tom in Germany as a vampire slayer of modern times @TMarkstahler

Artwork by Mark M. Merrett of London


Below: Tom in Oz as a werewolf slayer of ancient times @Tom_In_Oz_




Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @MarkMMerrett I am loving the concept of "Corrie meets Being Human" should be something for both blogs seeing Charlie and Russell as werewolves OMG

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @MarkMMerrett does @Charliecondou get to be semi-naked - Ya know just for the fans - NOT frontal nudity obv


MarkMMerrett: @Tom_In_Oz_ @Charliecondou Yep, ripped clothing for the public, semi transformed but hairy

Charlie Condou

Charliecondou: @MarkMMerrett @Tom_in_Oz_ what are you talking about??

patricia Ledwith

demelza2: @Charliecondou @markmmerrett @tom_in_oz_ lol great conversation last night re pics of you and Russell xxx

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou Charlie @demelza2 (Russell's former drama coach) has seen the pics on the blog including the preliminary version of Tovey @demelza2 agrees they are mini masterpieces of CGI by @markmmerrett and I am very flattered that an artist of his calibre has offered to make some amazing one-off art pieces for the Tovey & Condou blogs YAY!!!

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou here is a quick idea of what @MarkMMerrett has done. This is me at age 35 - during my "lunch box" period

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou and this is moi as a warrior with your head and the Charlie Condou Confidential blog's logo on the sword behind my head

Charlie Condou

Charliecondou: @Tom_in_Oz_ Haha that sounds hilarious! I look forward to seeing them lol x

Heartbreak Hotel

Dr Who Confidential narrated by Russell Tovey is on set with David Walliams as he makes his Doctor Who debut. Find out what made writer Toby Whithouse set his latest Doctor adventure in a hotel with a difference and discover how to make heads turn in a room full of ventriloquist dummies. Spend ‘A Day in the Life’ with the writer on a very revealing set visit when he finally gets face to face with his very own creation, plus more teasers on Death is the Only Answer – an exclusive three-minute Doctor Who episode written by schoolchildren. Featuring interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and David Walliams. This episode of Confidential accompanies the Dr Who episode "The God Complex."


Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: Home. At least I can go to sleep knowing that I will be in Spain next month! Barcelona, here I come!


MarkMMerrett: @BoyVirginiaMade Hope it will be a pleasant experience for you.

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @MarkMMerrett it will be. I'll be with mates. It's my very first holiday in like a decade.

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: RT Toure: Someone posted on my blog: "white people are tired of black racism. We get it. You have had a hard time. So have white people. Get over it."

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyVirginiaMade re racism. IMO in England race doesn't matter as much as USA but there seems to be a hierarchy based on wealth still.

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ I'm American so I'm still in tune to THAT racism and I had to retweet one of my favourite authors on the subject.

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ and though it isn't spoken about much here, I do think that it matters. Not to the same degree as at home, however.

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ but it's. Near 1am here and bed is a more important topic at this hour. Lol

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyVirginiaMade it's what people treat you like that counts...lots of love x


MarkMMerrett: @Tom_In_Oz_ @BoyVirginiaMade Sorry to butt in but it's true what Tom said, lots of love, I’m sending you some ♥

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @MarkMMerrett @tom_in_oz_ thanks to you both!



Sheridan Smith

Sheridansmith1: Feel a bit sad today & I don't know why


AubreyEMiller: @Sheridansmith1 women, it's what we do *hormones* lol


russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 oh frog.... :-( x

Sheridan Smith

Sheridansmith1: @russelltovey I miss u making me laugh dog x

Steven Webb

MrStevieWebb: @Sheridansmith1 do you want me to change into all your clothes? No I'm gonna put my own clothes back on. *enters in denim mini skirt* x

Sheridan Smith

Sheridansmith1: @MrStevieWebb hahaha please please come & do that again! :D

The Girl Who Waited

In the UK Russell Tovey is the current voice of Dr Who Confidential but in America they cut their own show called Dr Who Insider. The following videos are from BBC America. Both videos feature Russell’s friend Tom MacRae (@tommacwriter) script writer for “The Girl Who Waited” Dr Who episode.

Exclusive: Lost Scene Ep 10

The Girl Who Waited

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @tommacwriter





tommacwriter: @Tom_In_Oz_ ta.

Best Drama Series - Being Human

Fans demanded a series after the original pilot wasn’t commissioned, and tonight, three years later, BBC3’s cult hit triumphs over the mighty Glee, edgy Misfits and C4 stalwarts Shameless to be named Best Drama Series. Werewolf George (Russell Tovey) and ghost Annie (Lenora Critchlow) will be back in the fourth run next year, but fans have seen the last of vampire Mitchell, played by Aidan Turner.

'We’re delighted, we’ve got an incredibly tenacious and loyal fanbase. They’ve supported us and kept our enthusiasm going for the show, and we’re very lucky to have them,' says Michael Socha.

Above: Russell Tovey animated gif sent by @mabelalexa.

Below: Another contribution from @mabelalexa.


Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: Anyways, good morning Tweeps! By the way, I have a new blog: /

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyVirginiaMade read your latest blog *marry me* I'll take you away from the bullies and protect you x

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ lol. I'm fine. It was only one small incident. I just don't want others to feel powerless.

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyVirginiaMade staying silent has never worked for any victim . . . speaking out it is important !!!

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ thank you sir!

Tommy C.

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ btw, thank you for reading the blog at all. Most wouldn't. If you think it's something to share, share it.

Above: Tommy Coleman and friends out in London


Words as we all know have unforeseeable powers. Therefore the words I’ve decided to publish are my way of regaining the power I’ve lost to others.

I was hoping that I would never have to write a blog like this. Ever! I never wanted the information that I’m about to share to come to light in this way or at all even, but it seems like pent up anger inspires me to articulate my feelings in a more controlled fashion…

…The whole day had been filled with anticipation. It was the day when I would go clubbing with my best mates; people who, in this huge city (London), would take the time out to acknowledge my existence in a genuine way…

…I decided that I would do something different with my clothes. There was a pink sweater in my closet that I had only worn three times that I could remember…

…My night was filled with loads of spontaneity (which I actually did attribute to the sweater and my mood)…catching up with friends dining at my favourite place for breakfast pancakes…

I crossed Shaftesbury Avenue to do my usual journey through Chinatown to catch my bus.

…Before it even happened, I sensed the ominous air. There’s nothing like a good old dose of harassment to put you back on your guard after a successful evening on the town. I immediately felt a twinge of fear (the London riots were not that long ago) and as someone walking alone…I…could…end up stabbed on the street.

If you would like to read the rest of this very extensive article please click the following link:


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