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Matty Allitt

Matty_Allitt: @russelltovey must be a hard life eh, look on the brighter side! you look like me


russelltovey: RT @Matty_Allitt: @russelltovey must be a hard life eh, look on the brighter side! you look like me


Leannetweets2: @russelltovey and going home is.............sami.....


russelltovey: @Leannetweets2 sad but not really that bothered... Are you? X


russelltovey: RT @Pesky4: Tuesday 1st November will be the best day in Television history this year, Him n Her is back with series 2. @russelltovey


russelltovey: RT @emmaamason: #HIM & HER 1st NOVEMBER BUZZZZZIIINNNNGGGGG!!! @russelltovey


russelltovey: RT @drafferty88: @russelltovey does an egg before bed really work #himandher


russelltovey: RT @clairethecreep_: HIM&HER IS BACK ON THE 1ST NOVEMBER! @russelltovey


JW994: @russelltovey can not wait for him and her! How many episodes are there?


russelltovey: @JW994 7 x


russelltovey: Poor sam and Billie off of Towie... Scary and sad x


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Our annual celebration of the gay and lesbian community is back and it's better than ever because, this time, we've had your help

We asked Independent on Sunday readers to nominate the unsung heroes and heroines who make life as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person better – as well as the celebrities who make the world a more entertaining place. You responded by sending in more than 1,500 nominations, which boiled down to about 300 separate names.

These have been pored over by our panel of expert judges, including two who represented their parties in parliament, two who have represented their countries at sports, a magazine editor, a comedian, four tireless campaigners and a HM Procurator-General, no less.

#49 (last year 87) Russell Tovey

The former History Boy has become the veritable face of BBC 3 recently, thanks to the successes of supernatural series Being Human and relationship comedy-drama Him & Her. In his own words, his blokey Essex boy demeanour continues to "sort of challenge people's perceptions of what a gay man is".


I know it’s not the best award card in the world but my class insisted we give Mark a merit card...A Merrett merit card!!! They saw some of the werewolf pictures that Mark has been drawing…and they also think the “werehamster” is such a cute concept! Mark’s pictures will be exhibited on the blog over the coming weeks. Not bad for a bloke who suffers from severe dyslexia and crippling agoraphobia.

Above: Russell Tovey in CGI by Mark M. Merrett.

Below: Russell Tovey artwork in ink and gauche.


Below is a colouring page you can use for children. It is Russell Tovey's character Squirt as featured in the upcoming BBC “Mike The Knight” TV series for small children. Click to enlarge and print.


For those who have followed the Tovey blog it will come as no surprise that Russell Tovey will be a part of the big Aardman release for 2012 called "Pirates." Today I asked director Peter Lord of Aardman Studios if he could send me some covert pictures or drawings for the blog! Pete has been a long-time supporter of the Tovey blog and has drawn me a "Pirate" picture for using on my posts, as shown directly below.

An unlikely coincidence occurred today, I had correspondence from a doctor re the condition of albinism which is what Russell’s character has in the movie....the correspondence is also below...

PeteLordAardman: Curses. Working Saturdays never entirely welcome, but today is lovely and sunshiney and - - - - off to the dark I go.

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman Hi Pete, anything new I can blog yet? Are we nearly there yet? Can you send me some covert or secret snaps or drawings plz?

PeteLordAardman: weary and sun-starved crew members in bizarre lunchtime ritual

PeteLordAardman:... spare heads...

PeteLordAardman: A glimpse in the puppet store. These are extras, hanging around, waiting.

PeteLordAardman: I realise I rather like these working Saturdays - they're noticeably less barmy than the rest of the week.

PeteLordAardman: Just a few spare hands. This is the tip of the iceberg, hand-wise.

PeteLordAardman: On the set (yesterday, I'm not working on a Sunday. No sir.)


Tom: Great work on Tovey's site. As a dermatologist with a movie website, I am glad to see a new albino film character. Do you have any idea the nature of this character? Most movie albinos are evil, but my guess from the trailer and Aardman's work in general, is that this character is comic/heroic. Can you confirm? Thanks again!

Vail Reese, MD

Above: Russell Tovey as the albino pirate.

Hello Val: The emphasis is on comedy as with all Aardman work. The character is based on the book: The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists!_in_an_Adventure_with_Scientists

Russell has been asked to work on the follow-up movie so I think we can say this albino is here for a few more adventures yet!

Tom in Oz

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