Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ashes to Ashes - Smoking Gun

In 2008 Russell Tovey played lead character Marcus Johnstone in the episode "Smoking Gun" in Ashes To Ashes (series 1 episode 5).

The series is about a lady detective (Alex) who is shot in the head in modern times but is propelled back in time in her mind to the 1980s while she is fighting to survive head trauma. In her flashbacks she works with a male chauvinistic partner (Gene).

Synopsis of episode:

Gene and Alex are on the trail of Simon Neary, a pimp and drug dealer. However, they discover that Neary is involved in a guns deal, leading Alex to believe that stopping the deal could stop her from being shot in 2008. To stop Neary, Alex must convince Neary's boyfriend, played by Russell Tovey, to snitch on him.

Russell Tovey plays a character that is a softly spoken gay man who when pushed to the edge shoots but not kills his lover. In this episode Russell also gets to sing parts of "Wish Me Good Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye" which was one of the songs he used to sing in The History Boys.

The episode ends with Alex providing moral support for Marcus to reveal his sexuality to his middle-class parents, before she notices a small rash on the back of his neck, and advises him to see a doctor...

In the following one minute scene Marcus (Russell Tovey) is sitting on a park bench with Alex who is trying to give him some motherly advice.

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