Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Screen caps from the deleted Being Human scene called "Kick Your Face Off". It's from the second series episode three. More parts of Russell Tovey that ended up on the cutting room floor.

George (Russell Tovey) invites publican Hugh's old girlfriend Kristy to a restaurant in the anticipation that Hugh will see her and their former relationship will rekindle. Annie (Lenora Crichlow) believes that her reason for staying on Earth is to be a matchmaker for Hugh...so she is trying hard to get these two back together.

Annie and George think this is a clever way of getting them back together. They wait patiently for Kristy to arrive.

George lets Hugh know he has been spotted at the back of the restaurant. Hugh doesn't know about the set up, yet!

Kristy is almost at the front door. Annie tells George that she helped Kristy pick a modest outfit for the date.

Hugh spots Kristy on arrival and is furious with George for going out on a date with his former girlfriend.

George tries to explain, sort of!

Hugh is unimpressed and is stuck for words...so Annie gives him some choice one-liners by whispering into his sub-conscience!

George and Kristy start to leave.

Kristy grabs George's hand.

George gets yanked off his feet - end of scene - poor George.

Press play to view this deleted scene.

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