Sunday, July 18, 2010


At last a whole scene made it to Oz TV!

This post starts at 8:30 pm Sunday night 18th July 2010.

In the preceding weeks I have watched Little Dorrit on ABC TV Australia only to find that Russell Tovey's scenes as John Chivery have been either axed or edited - well it's good news tonight!

The whole scene of Mr Dorrit meeting John Chivery (Russell Tovey) and accosting him with a fireplace poker was left totally intact. Maybe my complaining to the ABC and leaving a bit of a rant on this blog might have reached a few ears. I would be nice to think so.

Still watching the last episode as I blog. I know Russell can't get cut from the wedding scene as his appearance is integral and hopefully the ABC can't do much to edit the scene where John Chivery tells Mr Clennam (Matthew Macfadyen) about how it's Amy who loves him...

It's 9:40 pm and Dear Readers, the last major speaking scene for Russell has just gone by without any edits. Heartbreaking perfection. Russell walks away with the best performance in the whole show IMO.

Better news, it's 10:10 pm and the ABC have tonight even left the very small scene where Chivery talks about telling Mr Clennam that his mother has died. Woohoo! All left intact!. Now onto the wedding and our last glimpse of Russell.

I know Charles Dickens often disguised his character's attributes and traits in the character's names. Mr Chivery was a clever reworking of chivalry or chivalrous...and that's what John Chivery is to the last.

10:16 pm and the wedding at last...even though I have this on DVD it's been great to see the conclusion once more. Never noticed before, but if you watch Russell walking in the wedding procession he gets hit in the eyes by flower petals thrown by Eve Myles!

Great job, Russell!

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