Friday, July 2, 2010


Novelty Value

In our ever changing world there are just not enough novelty items to go around. Here are some Being Human ones.

Above is a painted tableau to adorn your front gates and driveway.

Click the above drinking game instructions to enlarge. Next, copy and print the instructions onto your table mats or place mats for next time you have guests over for a Being Human non-stop will make an ideal present for someone, somewhere???

For your next Halloween party carve words into your pumpkins with the above easy-to-apply letter stencil set.


The George Sands action doll - with sticky-out ears!
This one was requested by Russell Tovey for the gay market - all clothes are removable and he has fully working appendages
. George's glasses, mohair suit, leather and rubber items are optional extras.

Press play to view Russell's request for this action figure to be made.

Russell Tovey speaks about the book by Russell T. Davis called The Writer's Tale. This article was from Heat Magazine 28th Oct 2008.

Talking of obsessed, have you read what [Doctor Who writer] Russell T Davies says about you in his new book? And I quote: “How is a man with sticky-out ears so completely beautiful?” I did read it. What a lovely thing to say. Generally people with sticky-out ears like mine aren’t considered beautiful, are we? Russell sent me the book the other day, and everything he says about me is lovely. The annoying thing is, if I’d been able to be in the last episode of the series, which they offered me, I would definitely have been an action figure…

An action figure with sticky-out ears! Yeah, exactly. How good would that have been?

Russell also says he thinks you’d be perfect to play Doctor Who. Would you like to? It’s incredible that he said that, but part of me wonders if I’d be better as the Doctor’s companion. [Pauses.] Wait a minute, what am I saying? Of course I’d love to be the Doctor! It’s funny, I looked at the online Doctor Who forums after the story came out and some of them said, “His ears are too big to be the Doctor… they’d be flapping about in the TARDIS.” I thought, “You vicious bastards!”

Well, if your friend [and History Boys co-star] James Corden can pose for Heat in his pants, surely you can be Doctor Who with your ears? Ha, yeah, but the great thing about James is that he completely embraces what he is. He’s a fantastic role model for bigger guys.

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