Saturday, July 3, 2010


Mail's in...

Russell and cast were given some of the fan letters and emails at the first read through for season three of Being Human. I think he and the cast certainly appreciate all the letters of support they get.

Having looked into the psychological reason for why some people are drawn to showbiz, or want to become actors, most want approval and the
BH fans certainly give that in warm abundance.

Having looked into the psychological reason for why middle aged men run fan

Firstly, I think Russell is my inspiration...but probably not for the reason you might think. I just happen to think foremost he's a great actor who isn't afraid to be himself off screen. It's hard to be openly gay and I have close family members who are still coming to terms with that. My "adopted" American son is also gay and we have always been there to support him even though his own parents find it hard to acknowledge him and his partner.

Secondly, running this and my other three blog sites keeps me off the streets, my wife knows where I am at any given moment and she knows with my complete lack of exercise it won't be long before she gets to inherit my
...No actually, the reason I started this fan site is because I am a school teacher who wanted to learn how to do this for myself (videos, artwork music etc) and then wanted to teach it to my class and I just kept going. At this stage I have at least 6 or 7 of my kids running their own blog sites and doing their own thing. Did I mention that the average age of my kids is 7 and a half and I'm an infants teacher?

Click play to see the BH cast thanking the fans.

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