Sunday, July 4, 2010


More from the Tovey pics collection

You'll always find Russell in the kitchen at parties...

Caught just on the cusp of sprouting hair or he forgot to shave? You choose!

A good Jewish boy goes to see a 3 hour German movie...seriously, did they really think that through when they wrote the script???

George (Russell Tovey) buys a steel cage and the proprietor gives him some free handcuffs...George inquires, "Shouldn't I get free steak knives with that?"

More of the Being Human graphic novel collection by Jeffrey Bee.

Russell Tovey in Murder Is Easy which is part of the Miss Marple series...and the best thing about this episode is Rusty gets to do most of the detecting and Miss Marple gets to knit.

Once again, seriously did the script writers think this through? Maybe they did...hmm, it's a veritable cash cow of opportunities to endorse all those incontinence pants thingies.

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