Monday, July 5, 2010


In the shadows and blurred from sight...
4 stars are shining bright

OK is it just me or do the excessive florescent lights in Being Human annoy you too? For instance in the scene above four of them just hang on an outside wall in an ally. Yes, I know that budget constraints are in place and yes there is a recession but these four lights end up being in many scenes. They hang in the background and lay on the floor completely out of context. In one episode there are supposed to be malfunctioning electrics at the clinic where George and Nina are being "cured" and swear to God you can hear someone actually flicking the switches on a lighting board to make the lights blink!

Above: Russell is contemplating his next scene while waiting for his nails to dry.

Above: Russell and Lenora arrive at the Kemp clinic in Being Human. Look at the number plate, it's a cleverly disguised attempt to use the words "be human".

Above: Russell and Aidan fade from sight.

Above: Russell blurs as Aidan comes into focus.

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