Monday, July 5, 2010


Being Recognised

A magazine shoot compile...the complete article is further over on this blog if ya keep searching.

At The Sea after party Russell Tovey and his mum.

Russell and mum.

Russell's dad.

All at Sea with David Haig.

Rehearsing The Sea with David Haig.

Russell with fellow actor Harry Lloyd.

Rusty rehearsing The Sea.

Curtain call at preview of season two Being Human .

...Having to sign my name on hundreds of bits of the time I was finished...I was well over it...

On the conference circuit.

Is the jet lag obvious?

Back on deck with pen in hand.

Fan at 2009 MegaCon: I'm glad they put those bright plastic security name tags on the celebs because, like, you'd never know who they were otherwise!

Ah, the price of fame - being recognised!

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