Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello pumpkins!

While on a break during filming, the Being Human cast, decided to raise the issue of the lack of rights for pumpkins.
Russell led off with a simple comparison to the rights of gay people but Lenora disagreed with his analogy. Aidan sat in silence because it seemed like he was frightened of offending both gays and pumpkins by entering into the debate.
As the bickering between Russell and Lenora intensified Aidan became more fretful and agitated.
Russell was not convinced that Lenora knew much about the topic, since she came from a safe middle class background and had not experienced people's prejudices first hand.
Aidan could hardly contain himself any longer.
"All right, I admit it", blurted Aidan. "I am a pumpkin...are you happy now"?
There was silence!

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