Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Before werewolf George (Russell Tovey), worked in the hospital at Bristol as a porter, he worked in a small cafe as a waiter. In this flashback which takes place two years before the Being Human story begins, you'll notice George was bearded and a bit pudgy. He lived over the cafe in a set of rented rooms. It was one night here that he was bashed by Seth (Dylan Brown) and a gang of vampires. Fortunately for George, Mitchell (Aidan Turner), was able to convince the vampires to leave George alone. Thus started their friendship which becomes one of the focal points for the series.


The next animation is George (Russell Tovey) having a wee problem while Annie is confronted by Death's Door!
Oh, and by the way next time you watch this scene you'll notice that the door that arrives for Annie has an address on it - No.1 High Street - click the following picture to enlarge. The scene goes really quickly so freeze frame it if you have the DVD. I am also wondering if some of the other doors had hidden addresses and plaques. Someone will have to write and tell me. Another thought, maybe Toby and the writers have given us other secret messages by choosing different styles of doors for different characters....maybe this is a media studies thesis waiting to happen, eh?

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