Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Scenes from the last episode of season one of Being Human

George (Russell Tovey) stops and listens to Annie and Mitchell talking about the situation that happens in the previous scene. George (as a werewolf) has killed the evil Herrick and they are expecting him to have some kind of adverse reaction.
George also overhears them talking about him and his girlfriend Nina. He is puzzled.
George slowly goes into the kitchen and sits with the others and after a while asks, "Are we safe now Mitchell?" Both George and Annie look to Michell for answers as he has been around the longest and has dealt with more evil than they have. He sadly can't give them comfort and reassurance. Their scene fades out and in fades the final scene of the season. Kemp is setting into place all the his evil plans that propel the story to season two. A triumph of suspense and angst as devised by Toby Whithouse the creator of the show.

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