Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It's a Miracle

Russell Tovey appeared in the play A Miracle during early 2009 at the Royal Court Theatre London. To paraphrase what Russell has said of the role: Gary Trudgill was an ordinary working class Norfolk boy who joins the army and goes off to fight overseas thinking he'll be revered when he comes home. Of course he's not then he goes a bit mental and destroys the lives of those around him.

The play was performed as part of the 2009 Young Writers Festival it was written by Molly Davies. It ran from Feb to Mar 2009 at the Jerwood Theatre upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre London.


Russell Tovey

Kate O'Flynn

Gerard Horan

Sorcha Cusack

Synopsis: Take one baby and a mother who’s not sure if she’s ready. Add a soldier returned from war and a grandmother holding the fort. Mix in a landscape of flatness and a pinch of violence in the countryside and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a miracle.

A play about wanting a better life.

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