Monday, July 19, 2010


Toves Cordon Tape - or is that Toves caught on tape?

When the cast of The History Boys went off to New York after leaving Sydney Oz, they did a couple of small promo videos. In one of them Toves and Corden go in for a presumably fake pash (you just never know with these two) but what the hey, it looks good slowed down...then I found a couple of others stills - I especially like the two-hands shot of Corden - and then into the mix add "the look" given by Toves and voila, another cute animation gif. There was audio on the video of the two boys smooching but I can't set that into the animation you'll just have to imagine the sound effect for yourself!

"Pash" for the non-Oz folks means passionate kiss.

Above: Signed poster by the cast of The History Boys taken after they won Best Play in 2006 Tony Awards.

Below: Brochure from the UK production 2005-6

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