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Tovey has 'no idea' about 'Torchwood'

Thursday, July 29 2010, 15:08 BST

By Morgan Jeffery

Russell Tovey, while attending ComicCon San Diego 2010, has admitted that he has "no idea" if he will be joining the cast of Torchwood.

Speaking at the
Being Human panel at Comic-Con, the actor responded to speculation that he would continue his Doctor Who role of Midshipman Frame in the spinoff.

"[I have] no idea. Genuinely no idea." he told fans. "There's been lots of rumours. I did that scene [in
The End of Time] and I never really thought anything of it."

Tovey's brief appearance in David Tennant's final
Who story saw him encounter Torchwood lead Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) in an alien bar.

"To be honest, I've never really watched
Torchwood," he revealed. "But since [that scene] I've been bombarded with messages asking 'Are you gonna be Jack's lover?'. I genuinely don't know."

Tovey also explained that he was “proud” that the SyFy network were remaking Being Human for the US. A new version of the supernatural drama would benefit the original series.

"We're very proud Syfy is doing it," he explained. "It builds up the brand of
Being Human."

He added: "People do know we exist, but hopefully more people will know [now], because they're making comparisons in everything I've read about it. They've [always] said the English version is there and the Americans are doing a version of [it]."

Tovey also had some advice for the cast of the US version, which includes former
Smallville star Sam Witwer.

"Don't try and copy what we're doing," he said. "Find your own path."

The US
Being Human is scheduled to air in 2011. A third series of the original show is currently filming in Cardiff.

Will Russell Tovey join Torchwood?

By David Knox on July 30, 2010

Being Human‘s Russell Tovey had a fleeting scene in David Tennant’s final Doctor Who story, when he the Doctor met up with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) in an alien bar.

But Tovey says he has “no idea” if he will be joining the cast of Torchwood as Midshipman Alonso Frame.

“[I have] no idea. Genuinely no idea.” he told fans at the Being Human panel at Comic-Con.

“There’s been lots of rumours. I did that scene (in The End of Time) and I never really thought anything of it.

“To be honest, I’ve never really watched Torchwood,” he revealed. “But since (that scene) I’ve been bombarded with messages asking ‘Are you gonna be Jack’s lover?’ I genuinely don’t know.”

Make it so…

Russell Tovey Talks Doctor Who Return

Fri 11 Dec, 2009

Allons-y Allonso!

Being Human star Russell Tovey is set to return to the Whoniverse this Christmas.

The actor will reprise the role of midshipman Alonso Frame, last seen in the 2007 Doctor Who festive special Voyage Of The Damned. In the episode he helped the Doctor prevent the interstellar cruiser Titanic from crashing into Buckingham Palace.

Speaking exclusively to TV Towers, Russell refused to reveal any details about his part in The End Of Time, but did confirm he was excited to be a part of 10th Doctor, David Tennant’s swan song.

"How can you not be happy to be in Doctor Who?" he said. "It's Harry Potter for TV! To go back to it was great.

"Russell T. Davies was writing the finals and he wanted to write about characters which he felt people liked and people seem to like my midshipman Frame, so he's brought him back for a 'goodbye'.

"David Tennant's final episodes are going to be historical," the actor added. "I think they're going to be huge."

Doctor Who: The End Of Time Part 1 will air on Christmas Day on BBC1 at 6pm, followed by Part 2 on New Year's Day at 6.40pm.

Twit bits Saturday 31st July 2010:

Jul 31 NatalieBagnelle: Saw Russell Tovey down Carnaby street (the werewolf in Being Human) such a long time since I've seen a celeb out and about.

Jul 31 suedegambit: Celebrity encounter of my year. Rode the London central line with Russell Tovey (werewolf from Being Human). Told him I loved his work :) nice guy.

Jul 31 Toonist26: I've had a great summer so far, I met Lenora Crichlow and Russell Tovey at London Comic Con and just found out I'm a Film Club ambassador!

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