Tuesday, August 17, 2010


For Whom The Tweet Tolls

A Tweet compile for this week so far...

18-8-2010 Carebeargrl: can't believe i got a reply by Samuel Barnett, made my day, now if i can get russell tovey then i got half da history boys, lol.

18-8-2010 lloydwilliamsuk: Russell Tovey is in Newport

18-8-2010 AmericanUK‎: So Happy to see Stephen Fry & Russell Tovey on here! I have enjoyed & have been touched with performances by both. Thanks for being so real

18-8-2010 thejimsmith: The sun is out and Russell Tovey is in town here. It seems to me to be a fine day to be alive.

17-8-2010 russelltovey: Night night from Cardiff... Dream big me fellow wittys x.

18-8-2010 BigRedEO: Ah! But I just discovered my newest celebrity crush is on my team! Adorable Russell Tovey from "Being Human"!

18-8-2010 SuperZan89: If all werewolves look like Russell Tovey, I say bring them on!!!

19-8-2010 BeingHuman3: @Tom_In_Oz_ Will we b missing u while you are on vacation? I mean, everyone deserves a life outside twitter.... um-er- right? ;) Answer: The simple answer is I don't know. I am in England for 80 days and will be taking the WyFy laptop so I sould be able to do Twitter at least - Tom in Oz.

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