Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am a man of my word because Barry is a man of his word!

I told Barry Pilling, BBC Blog editor for Being Human, that if he could send me a shirtless picture of himself I'd put it on my Russell Tovey blog.

Gratuitous pictures have dramatically raised the number of hits this blog attracts.

Barry is a man of his word and so am I.

So, here is Barry completely shirtless...


Here it comes...

Yep, no shirt on whatsoever!

The only thing from his own wardrobe is his socks.

Amazing that he would do this, eh?

Just so I can increase my blog following.

He said, "If Russell could do it, then so can I."

Barry is now attracting a huge following himself...!

Finally, here 'tis, presenting

Barry Pilling - shirtless!

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