Thursday, August 26, 2010


So over the pond...

Russell Tovey has just tweeted to say he's off for a week of R&R in Greece. Greece is the word!

@russelltovey: Hey fellow wittys, I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week, if I go quiet I'm sorry. But will twy to tweet my bro's and sis's x

@russelltovey: Hot Greece... Gonna miss Cardiff tho for a bit, not gonna lie x

Meanwhile, over the pond in the USA (Canada actually) the American remake of Being Human is underway. In the US version the werewolf is called Josh and he's not the Jewish character. That role falls to the vampire guy. Anyway above is a leaked photo showing Josh (Sam Huntington) about to do some serious damage.

Russell Tovey goes away for a week and he's already been replaced on this blog. Is there no loyalty...well there would be if Russ posted holiday snaps!

The second Tweet from Russell is a bit ambiguous though!

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