Thursday, September 16, 2010


X Factor magazine hits the shelves!

It’s time. To go to the shop. And buy the first ever edition of The X Factor magazine!

The brand new, shiny magazine will be on sale in Tesco and One Stop stores from tomorrow (Tuesday 14th September 2010), and we are urging you to get out there and pick one off the shelf.

As well as finding out all the latest gossip and news from The X Factor, you’ll also be treated to exclusive interviews and features from the world of pop’s biggest names.

Issue 1 is jam-packed as we spill the beans on Lady Gaga’s eating habits, get up close and personal with pop icon Kylie Minogue, and find out about the ‘7 days that shook The X Factor’ detailing the truth behind Cheryl’s illness.

All this and loads, loads more….

Including a Russell Tovey segment!!!

Willy Won't He?

devynethang: He's cute and he has a smashing little bum! I've been watching Being Human and we get to see said bum quite a bit. I just want to snog him.

KernowKid: Poor Russell, Someone's just said on Twitter that if the show Him&Her's rubbish, the viewers will get to see him in his boxers as a consolation :-p

devynethang: One wonders how bad the show would have to be to show us some willy? LOL

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