Friday, September 17, 2010


(At Dorina's request I have had to re-title this post)
Dorina - A Star In The Making

On the eve of me setting off for the UK (20 Sep 2010 to 7 Dec 2010) I have blogged some animated pics of one of my cyber lady friends (and not the Asian Internet kind).

Dorina has allowed me to post her snaps from ComicCon and other events were the
Being Human crew have appeared. She has also acted as a behind the scenes roving reporter for my Russell Tovey blog site and kept me informed of BH happenings.

Come to think of it, my support team on the UK end are all females! I don't know why but all my life I have been surrounded by very supportive female friends and colleagues...thank you to my cyber team in the UK and Wales (you know who you are) - mwah!
*air kiss, air kiss*

The UK team put in a recent Twitter request that maybe in my spare time I could put together a new site, like my Russell Tovey site, but base it on Russell's
Being Human co-star Aidan Turner...

Coming soon to a blog site near you!

Now, one of the things I may be able to construct would be a concept site built on "The Boys From Being Human" - a Tovey and Turner blog.

Dear public, is there a big interest in this??

Let me know on Twitter what you think:

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