Friday, September 10, 2010


Not a RomCom it's a SexCom

Him And Her Review:

by Sean Marland

If you’ve caught an episode of Roger & Val Have Just Got In and didn’t enjoy it as much as the gushing reviewers at the Radio Times, your thought process probably went something like this as you watched: Isn’t this supposed to be a comedy? Do I know that bloke from some film? and finally, am I on the right channel? The answers to your questions are as follows: Yes, but it’s now been rebranded due to the lack of jokes. Yes,Raiders of the Lost Ark & Spiderman II and finally, definitely not.

Him and Her is the programme that might have been created if Dawn French and Alfred Molina had stepped into a a TV studio three decades ago. Funnier, dirtier, lazier and full of sex. Just as middle-aged couples will recognise the quirks and neat observations of Roger & Val.. then slightly younger audiences will almost certainly appreciate the acutely appreciated nuances on show here. Everyone who has ever been in a relationship will be familiar with that sinking feeling which arrives when you accidentally mention an ex before seamlessly breaking into damage control mode..

Becky (Sarah Solemani) and Steve (Being Human’s Russell Tovey) are an unemployed couple who hang around their rather grotty flat, have sex, deal with their Winslet-obsessed neighbour and play computer games. Viewers looking for enlightened conversation, really should avoid this one like the plague though as expressions like “back-to-front” “blowjob” and “smell my foreskin..” are thrown about willy-nilly. On that subject, Steve’s willy is definitely not nilly, but willing and able. Indeed he even treats his girlfriend to a ‘dick dance’ (we know you either do them or know a man who does) while he’s waiting for Becky’s sister to arrive.

Viewers may have a bit of a problem accepting that these two obviously unstupid people have decided upon a life of such sloth that it makes most university students look like bricklayers in Baghdad, but this remains a fresh and funny take on a modern genre.

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