Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A bad review for Him&Her

Him & Her - The Birthday (S01E02) - Episode review


This won't be a long review. After showing some promise on its debut outing, Him and her descended into a disgusting mess of bodily function and outright crudity.

Tonight's episode - in which Steve (Russell Tovey) had his birthday and shockingly decided to stay home while his friends went out partying - revolved around dog shit on a shoe, Becky (Sarah Solemani) picking Steve's nose for him and a masturbation gag. And let's not even get into the Asian porn site.

It's Monday night. E4 ran with a fantastic hour of comedy, with the return of The Inbetweeners and the unexpectedly clever School Of Comedy. I laughed for a solid hour, then played catch-up to Him & Her, expecting it to expand upon a rather fond but slightly dull first episode.

Now, maybe there's a demographic out there who's mentally challenged enough to consider snot, piss and shit comedy fodder. But Him & Her doesn't even bother to dress it up as a joke. Tovey delivers a line like "I need a poo", and there's no comedy behind it whatsoever. The whole show tonight was utterly charmless. And I know BBC Three are selling this as a warts n' all romantic comedy, but it's just rubbish.

I'm worried for Russell Tovey. Being associated with this telly turd doesn't do anything for his reputation, and I've loved him in Being Human. After making some great strides in his career in recent years, this is a bit of a step backwards for him. De-evolution might be a better word for it.

BBC Three like to trumpet about the innovative comedy that their channel launched. I'm guessing this won't make that list of wonderful shows. It truly is a horrible, charmless, unfunny programme that isn't deserving of the label 'sitcom'. I don't have high hopes for future episodes.

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