Sunday, June 6, 2010


Russell Tovey, Sinead Keenan & Lenora Crichlow arrive at BAFTAs Sunday June 6th, 2010. The show Being Human is nominated for Best Drama. Sadly for us fans, Misfits wins. The honour is in being nominated...
The 2010 BAFTAs are hosted by Graham Norton and there is a Dr Who theme to parts of the show.

Overheard at the BAFTAs June 6th 2010 by Mike Howlett on Twitter: Russell Tovey there telling whoever's sat behind him that he will be "All over that Irish Kid" by the end of the night.

Barry Pilling re the BAFTAs June 6th 2010 on Twitter: Sad news about Being Human not winning the BAFTA. Russell Tovey said he'd do the werewolf scenes with a hangover if they won.
"I am Russell Tovey and my bottom is here to save BBC3!"

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