Saturday, January 1, 2011


And as 2011 are the days of our tweets…

leo_richardson: In 2011, remember; if your face looks like a boot- hit the gym hard. Make the body look at least worth it

russelltovey: @leo_richardson ha ha ha honey x love boot x

leo_richardson: *previous tweet obviously for comic effect and in no way serious - for those who think I'd ever be that conceited and vile

And while we are on the subject...

AttitudeMag: Spotted! Russell Tovey stroking a man's ear.

mrsaubergine:‎ @Tom_In_Oz_ Thanks! I chose Tovey (the pilot of Being Human) over Hunnum (pilot of Sons of Anarchy) and enjoyed it a lot! Nice blog :)

AlexJCall: Not sure I get the whole Russell Tovey thing. He's sweet, but Mitch is much hotter... #BeingHuman

SLR_89: @russelltovey Just seen you in Ultimate Force, naughty naughty. lol

lynnemthomas:‎ In other news, saw my first ep of Being Human. Russell Tovey is FREAKING ADORABLE. That is all. #fb

teaslagle:‎ @tres_michelle I love Russell Tovey! I'm almost done with the first series of Him & Her. He is just so funny and adorable.

cimness:‎ Need to re-watch Evil Under the Sun to allow my wife to gaze upon teeny Russell Tovey.

SonjaFromHH:‎ oooh, Russell Tovey in Ashes to Ashes on German telly now. cool!

Anzonl: @JamesThornton_ Russel Tovey in Emmerdale as Aaron's dodgy boyfriend. That would be a good storyline.

Legrandeval: @brencon you follow Russell Tovey?

CW_2006:‎ @russelltovey loved it all over again - had a quick wee cry as was relieved you survived the voyage, mid shipman Tovey ;)

thechildoftime:‎ I've met Russell Tovey #DoctorWho.

randallwrites: ‎ @crgn No. Russel Tovey can do no wrong.

brewsternorth:‎ @cerublu02 nope, Marple! Star-studded cast includes BC, Russell "Being Human" Tovey, & a bunch of others.

spiderspun:‎ @codenametyrant Also: what's the point if it doesn't have Russel Tovey?

NYDHQ: RUSSELL TOVEY - A STAR IN THE MAKING: boydhilton: The thing is, if Matt Cardle wins he'll almost certainly be si...

sortathatboy:‎ Not at all! He's such a close 2nd, it's practically a tie. RT @notjustanyboggs Sorry, had to vote Russel Tovey/George. #beinghuman

Marcello_Leo: @russelltovey hi Russell is the Him & Her series 1 on DVD do U know?

dominiquemol: @russelltovey Russel, have a great 2011, from a brand new Being Human fan, great acting & script, love the comedy you put up i.c.w. the drama

And30280: @russelltovey if you come to Cardiff I am sure I can get you a free ticket!!!

hannahlindsay2: I want a pet @russelltovey !!

WhippetOut: @russelltovey Watched Evil Under The Sun last night so decided to look you up on Twitter. Do you still have that swimming costume? LOL ;)

Madbadrose: @cen_sceal what do you call it when people have ears like Russel Tovey? In a polite kind of way?

Mrcellophane: The George character on the American Being Human is not even 1/4 as hot as @russeltovey.

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