Sunday, January 2, 2011


My Top Twitter Followers in 2010:

I don’t think I could have ever expected the results Twitter have found for me! According to their statistics - that I didn’t invent or change in any form - I have an eclectic band of followers.

Some correspond regularly and I expected to see their names on the list but some obviously lurk from afar and only come to read through my profile page or read through my Twitter correspondence then re-tweet parts of it to their followers. There are people on this list who have never been “official followers.” The list includes: magazines, authors, numerous personalities, celebrities, television production personnel, television and radio hosts and to my surprise Mr. Stephen Fry.

Russell Tovey has re-tweeted 2 of my Twitter items and corresponded once but he didn't rate in my top 80 followers! Twitter have obviously done their homework to be able to produce the list below and I have to conclude they know what they are doing!.

Followers of “Tom_In_Oz_” in order of frequency:

@b3n_ifit @knaveog @ishbel_haf @angloirishgal @jaybs @lionesskeeper @valeriemeachum

@kinkyclawz @killedbyashoe @deejrdee @horshamiteharry @pirate_moose @dorina335 @scott_arthur

@dazzafield @matthewcainc4 @bcgkelly @antonycotton @imjustanerd @grapechick @celeb_retweet

@sidbdane @allyska @ajkemmy @friendlymoocow @adulttalentreg @get_p_here @mrsamuelbarnett

@babyblue89x @theladyreed @michaelbosc @davidbedwell @fentonstevens @arlenmangel6869 @spikej77

@thomasharris88 @travislegge @mal_loup @boydhilton @tsk_bot @hannahlad @ellamaegurr5863

@vautrin @degnne @mylo80 @trouble_xx @wardev @mrchrissullivan @thatbloodymikey

@stephenfry @mrjasonlor @maryxgrace @originalsteve @acolytehg @crisslve @dragonjewel

@sineadkeenan @angiemcgregor @jamesafleet @barrypilling @bobsyermomsaunt @syntheticzach

@foxfontaine @joooos1 @ianthomas74 @callumobri @stevevankampen @p_tay @colindobson

@peacockpete @tvbhc @megabadger @snowybay @beinghumanfan @kylelehane @wdmdld


Followers of “AWOLTom” in order of frequency:

@bcgkelly @kinkyclawz @rapunzal @knaveog @stephenfry @botofthe @pirate_moose

@horshamiteharry @friendlymoocow @iphone4goodies @matthewcainc4 @ianthomas74 @hellschilde17

@imjustanerd @jojodonovan @theladyreed @get_p_here @boydhilton @kentonallen @kylelehane

@tweet_hoot @richter102media @mmm_gash @iskander67 @valeriemeachum @dodochicky @jaybs

@waynecfc @youngsimon43 @notware @ceciminspire @dannyleewynter @sjukmidlands @extreme_fishing

@dorina335 @joooos1 @celeb_retweet @mrsteviewebb @sineadkeenan @drunkwatch @enjoynorwich

@b3n_ifit @jamesafleet @tother_simon @wdmdld @drewdrew68 @soozles_ @danisgod

Followers of “RussTov_FanSite” in order of frequency:

@b3n_ifit @knaveog @bcgkelly @friendlymoocow @mathewparry @grabbersmovie

@valeriemeachum @dorina335 @waynecfc @dominictc @matthewcainc4 @nookeybear

@imjustanerd @wigan_bot

NB. If you were left off the list please feel free to have a chat to Twitter about it, don't blame me.

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