Thursday, August 19, 2010


Russell Tovey's bottom line
or alternate title
A solid career behind him!

NB. Don't forget if Russell Tovey gets to 20,000 followers on Twitter he has hinted that he will send his followers some pictures of his naked bottom. At the time of blogging these pictures he was up to 13,146 as of 20 Aug 2010 - he joined twitter 13 Aug 2010 - solid numbers for a week of being on Twitter.

Above: A Being Human compile from a fan site.

Above: Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey trying not to corpse while on the set of Being Human.

Above and below: Russell Tovey at the Curzon Theatre London BH Live Event January 2010.

Above: Russell Tovey playing George Sands in Being Human. Russell is always willing to put his bottom on the line for his art. Yes, we are getting to the gratuitous stuff

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