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Being Human Oz Series 2 Finale

By Max P. 19-8-2010

This was a big ending and for a long time it really did look like the end of Being Human.

OK the background story for anyone that has not seen the series. It’s the story of three twenty year olds who share a house, two guys and a girl. Nothing unusual there, except one guy Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is a Vampire, alright that’s not all that unusual on TV these days, but his mate George (Russell Tovey) is a Werewolf and the girl Annie (Leonora Crichlow) is a Ghost. They try to live their lives as normally as possible by Being Human, but obviously this gets interfered with from time to time, what with all the blood lust and all.

This series saw them being pursued by a mad Priest and a conflicted Scientist/Doctor determined to destroy them. The conflicted Doctor fell in love with Mitchell the Vampire, but the mad priest tried to kill him by burning down the funeral parlour where he held Alcoholics Anonymous style meetings with all his Vampire mates, trying to wean them off of killing people. This resulted in many Vampires being killed, but Mitchell escaped.

In the meantime George and his former lover Nina (Sinead Keenan), who he had accidentally turned into a Werewolf, were being wooed by the Priest with the promise of a cure for their full moon issues. They had no knowledge of what was going on with Mitchell or that his girlfriend was involved. They also did not know that the mad Priest and the doctor/scientist had already blown up four Werewolves in a compression chamber while trying to cure them.

Mitchell and another Vampire had gone on a mad killing revenge spree, because of the burning down of the Funeral Parlour. So we had lost our friendly remorseful vampire. Annie had decided to let the priest help her get to the other side, as with Mitchell on the run and George and Nina being cured, no one would be able to see her.

At the last moment just before George and Nina are about to be blasted in the compression chamber George discovers a message from one of the earlier werewolves telling him that they all die. He breaks them out of the room they are being held in just in time to see Annie dragged to the other side, after the Priest kills the medium that works as his agent for speaking to her. So now Annie’s gone, Mitchell has turned rogue and George and Nina are in mortal danger, it must be the end of the show.

George and Nina are just about to escape the building when George turns and says the he knows that Mitchell is in there and he must get him. So he goes back and finds Mitchell about to tear the Priest apart. He persuades him that they should be better than him and they leave the Priest quivering on the floor, but unharmed.

The next we see George, Nina and Mitchell are holed up at a remote farm. Mitchell is full of remorse for the killing spree that he went on. Then Mitchell’s ex the Scientist/Doctor turns up, there are lots of harsh words, but the werewolves and the vampire decide to try and forgive her and let her stay the night. But during the night the Priest shows up and tries to kill them all. He kills the Doctor and grabs Nina, he is about to kill her when Annie suddenly appears from the other side and drags him across. A few moments later Annie appears to them on a broken TV. She tells them that the other side is all waiting around and there are lots of officials with forms in little rooms. The officials are angry with her for dragging the Priest across, as they don’t have a form for that. Mitchell pledges that they are going to get her back.

In the final scene, reminiscent of Macbeth, two Witch like women raise Herrick, the former evil vampire leader, from the dead. So there is plenty of ammunition for series three.

Being Human has had two good series. The show pokes fun at its own premise and there is frequent dark humour. The story lines are good and the acting is good too. Aidan Turner is suitably dark and brooding as the vampire. Leonora Crichlow is cute and a little ditzy, as the ghost who likes to make tea for everyone, although she can’t eat or drink herself. And Russell Tovey is a very down to earth easy going guy, who just happens to turn into a Werewolf and tries to kill people once a month - we’ve all met people like that.

Look out for Being Human series three, when I guess it will be back on ABC2 on Fridays in Oz. The complete series one and two of Being Human are available on DVD.

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