Monday, November 1, 2010


Russell Tovey in brief...

Name: Russell George Tovey
Born: 14 November 1981 Havering district, Essex, UK

Occupation: Actor

Years active: 1994 to present

Family: Tovey is the younger of two children, born to Carole nee Haynes (formerly Webb) and George Tovey. Both of Russell’s parents had been previously married. Russell Tovey has one older brother, Daniel. He has 2 nephews that he adores. Russell is currently living in North London. Russell is gay. He has a partner.

Only 12 days to go…

2-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @russelltovey Only 12 days left til B-Day. I'm so excited for you mate. Cheers.

2-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ thank you for bloggin my lines about In Passing. Russell was very inspiring in it. Thanks for the link to the film btw. Cheers

2-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @mrjasonlor Ur welcome...I try to be very inclusive with @russelltovey site.

2-11-2010 Trouble_xx: @Tom_In_Oz_ just watched Roar, luved it, @russelltovey was great in it, thanx for introducin me to the film :)

2-11-2010 RosPratch: Let’s get Danny Miller and Russell Tovey together.

2-11-2010 RosPratch: @russelltovey Work is hard, but at least you are working.

2-11-2010 DeBelle77: @imjustanerd Saw it in an RT from @simonpegg Looks like something to say for emphasis. eg Blimey knickers! Russell Tovey is so adorable!

2-11-2010 donnyjenkins: Just saw the first ep of Him and Her... loved it! @russelltovey rocks!#himandher

2-11-2010 Beautiful_Train: @russelltovey This is link to HD version of "Drop" on All the best sir! gx

2-11-2010 gaetanlondon: @thatbloodyMikey @russelltovey stop conjuring such erotic images & thoughts to the mind of a mature man. I might not be able to calm down!

2-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: Having great time but kind of missing my twin @russelltovey and our beautiful little girl Princess Nelly of Nelly Park. Rock and roll!

2-11-2010 sparticus88‎: Weird dream last night that @russelltovey was on my train from Ldn to Glasgow. Maybe cause I watched #beinghuman before bed.

Above: Matthew Cain from Channel 4 and myself have been talking about the news that Tracey Emin's art forger has been jailed. Tracey is a modern artist Russell admires and visa-versa. She is one of Russell's oldest friends.

BTW: "AWOLTom" is my Twitter name while absent from Oz.

Below: James A. Fleet the respected UK actor and I have been tweeting after I found out that he was hired to appear in the forthcoming season three of Being Human with Russell Tovey. James is going to play a ghost. I've posted a picture of James and below that is a further Twitter chat with James and some of the other Being Human fans...James is very generous with his time on Twitter.

Above: James A. Fleeet

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