Monday, November 1, 2010


Welcome to November 2010

only 13 days to Russell Tovey's birthday!


1-11-2010 russelltovey: Gym, Nandos and now a voice over... Some days are too tough x

1-11-2010 tmxghost: @russelltovey u go to the gym?

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @tmxghost shutup Ryan you slag.... How is it all going on Becoming Human? X

1-11-2010 tmxghost: @russelltovey hey hey hot stuff! It's going good, a lot to shoot though. Missing your comedy genius here however. What am I to do???

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @tmxghost google me x

1-11-2010 tmxghost: @russelltovey already have, bored of old news, want new goss! Miss us?

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @tmxghost only you. And Marcus x no goss just dross x x

1-11-2010 tmxghost: @russelltovey well have fun at nandos, whilst were working hard here! Xx


1-11-2010 guy_interruptd: I'm too sick to tweet :(

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @guy_interrptd hope you feel better soon mate x

Kiss and tell!

1-112010 JakeParsons: @russelltovey Voice over for what? :-) x

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @JakeParsons a new BBC3 Doc narration.. It's gonna be a good cringey one x

1-11-2010 JakeParsons: just got a virtual kiss from @russelltovey. life = complete.

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @JakeParsons here's another one then if it was that good! X

1-11-2010 JakeParsons: @russelltovey ahhhh. swoon. love you man :) x


Post Nandos Depression

1-11-2010 DavidBedwell: @russelltovey Surely gym and Nandos cancel each other out? :)

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @DavidBedwell chicken = protein, corn on cob and rice.. Perfect post gym grub x

1-11-2010 gavinlarkins: @russelltovey you didn't look too cheerful sat in Nandos!

1-11-2010 joshgrant87: @russelltovey you bloody love Nandos!

1-11-2010 russelltovey: @joshgrant87 Big time! X

Sad news today…

1-11-2010 russelltovey: Poor Lily Allen x

In general

1-11-2010 mybrightidea: I love the way @russelltovey says "running all over the countryside" lol still makes me smile :-)

1-11-2010 pmt_uk: @russelltovey you’re fecking amazing. Being Human BBC3 right now xxx

1-11-2010 mybrightidea: I don't say it often enough anymore but @russelltovey you are one fantabulous actor (I love that my iPhone recognises that as a word lol)

1-11-2010 LambethPrincess: @russelltovey!!!

1-11-2010 mybrightidea: Ooh look at that #beinghuman's on :-) BBC3 for some @russelltovey @SineadKeenan halloweeny fun :-)

1-11-2010 gyreandgimble: Just found out @russelltovey is on Twitter. What an alright ending, to an alright night.

1-11-2010 DaxxaFreeman: Was about to go to sleep, but then got distracted by a nude @russelltovey on BBC3... #BeingHuman

1-11-2010 BiancaBella: #BeingHuman = all-time favourite show. @russelltovey makes the show for me ; )

1-11-2010 Danielstonard: Just watched the wedding episode of Gavin and Stacy @russelltovey . Digital camera scene #Legend!!!!

30-10-2010 My_World_Insane: @russelltovey happy Halloween mate.

Tom in Oz reporting from Caernarfon Castle Gwynedd Wales

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