Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Above: Grrrrr, the wolf teeth made by BBC props - as used by Russell Tovey, Sinead Keenan and Robson Green + others in Being Human.


russelltovey: Quality... Just bought a 'Henry' hoover.. Awesome.. Far superior to my old Dyson... I love Henry big time! X

padonnelly: @russelltovey I hope Henry's a good sucker ;-)

And more wise words from the Wittys...

For those who don't already know "Wittys" is what Russell Tovey calls his followers on Twitter...nope he doesn't call them "Twits" like some other celebrities.

kelleil: Russell Tovey knows how to freak out better than any actor I know.

rokingdottv‎: @EvelynHoskins Russell Tovey is gold in it!!! It's basically the most perfect sitcom! Xoxo

comedyfish‎: I really like Him & Her but I think Russell Tovey sometimes strays into Ricky Gervais type screeching.

tripping_daisy: @russelltovey Bum and arse, totally forgot about it last night! Oh sweet iplayer here I come.

Scottm: Oh, this wk's issue of @TheStage went to press earlier. Includes my fun interview with @russelltovey & @Solemani. Podcast version tomorrow!

Secondontheleft: @russelltovey i watched all 3 episodes last night, it's well good :)

xx_teresa_xx: @russelltovey I just love love love him and her. Soooooooo funny. Pmsl!! Genius as always! Lol x

DAVE_TURBO: Him & Her is a great show, big laughs every week round our house. Nicely done @russelltovey!

Freckles_x: Thinks @russelltovey is a bit yummy on him & her ;) lol

Liam_Dalton: @russelltovey hey, absolutely loving Him & Her, watched them about 6 times!!! :) did you go to drama school? If so which one? Cheers :D

Dorina335: @tmxghost hi Ryan..did u get love on the set 2day..from the Tovey or otherwise? I'll be down in Wales 2morrow...wave if u see me!

tmxghos: @Dorina335 nope no love, I will be having a word with @russelltovey tomorrow and @marcuswhitney1 !!! Grr.

hattiepeverel: @russelltovey Ask the Audience: 12 per cent on Who Wants To Be A Milliionaire just thought you succeeded David Tennant as Dr Who!

CalvinBygrave: On Millionaire Who was David Tennant's replacement as Dr Who? A. @russelltovey! Would love to see that happen as much as as I like Matt! :)

Tom_In_Oz_: @BeingHuman3 after 24 hours non-stop flight ready to crash in Glasgow. Well done Russell on H and H figures @russelltovey

Tom_In_Oz_: Woo hoo am in Glasgow Mrs Tom In Oz and I just at Harry Ramsden's for first UK meal @russelltovey

Tom_In_Oz_: Glasgow lit up. Nice. We are on south side of Clyde at Paisley Park watching Millionire - our version is called Millionaire Hot Seat in Oz. Russell Tovey was just mentioned lol.

Tom_In_Oz_: On way over to UK we watched Being Human season 2 on inflight movies...Nice to know that the airlines carry it @russelltovey

Tom_In_Oz_: Russell had all the swear words cut out & your ass was blurred out & music in some scenes not the same as UK version OMG Daisy sex scene cut altogether so when Nina smells perfume on George it makes no sense??? @russelltovey

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ hi there welcome to the UK....sounds like the BBC America version of BH that you saw on the plane trip over...TG our BBC more liberal! Enjoy Glasgow....gr8 city.

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ I'm off to Wales 2morrow 4 few days ..weather supposed to be nice...would be lovely to see some BH filming but not expecting it.

Dorina335: @Scott_Arthur r u filming with the BH lovely lot?..I'm in Cardiff/Barry weds/thurs/fri with @kinkyclawz....wave if u see us!

Tom in Oz 21st September 2010 reporting from Glasgow Scotland.

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