Monday, September 27, 2010


On Monday 27th Sep 2010 Russell Tovey asked his fans to watch the next installment of Him&Her at 10:30 pm on BBC3...

"russelltovey: Him and Her ep 4 tonight 10.30 BBC3 please mr wittys! X"

I think Russell had a typo at the end...normally he uses the idiom "my wittys" not "mr wittys." There were a number of reply tweets about said photo, Him&Her, and Rusell himself...

Plaid Posts Vs Tartan Tweets

MANX38: @russelltovey That look is so unfair. It’s like using a puppy or a bunny to sell something

carlcarter1: @russelltovey First show in years that both the wife and I will watch together. Bloody hysterical.

aileach34: @russelltovey At last an ep of Him & Her I haven’t seen can’t wait btw - yr photo - when did you revert to 13? Is it another new moon thing?

jaybs: @russelltovey - Can't wait for tonight and counting the days to the release of the DVD, it’s been on order from the day announced!

bobmicallef: @russelltovey cute pic really enjoying the show let's hope they go for a second season x

marciamicra: @russelltovey love it love it love it LOVE IT!!! I absolutely LOVE Him & Her x

dan_warin: @russelltovey lol prob a bit behind an-d slow on the uptake but only just found out ur on Twitter courtesy of Attitude. But who's Mr wittys?

DerekMango: @russelltovey I have to watch him and her on my own because it makes my pregnant fiancé feel physically sick, quite impressive for a sitcom.

DomCarver: @russelltovey Nice cap, where did you get it?

lizzymaxia: @russelltovey Episode #3 was the best one so far. I hope #4 is even better! I'm looking forward to it :)

plastine: @russelltovey I caught up yesterday with the last two ep looking forward to tonight now. It keeps getting better; will there be a series 2?

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