Thursday, September 30, 2010


When all is said &

Russell made a small faux pas on live radio 30-9-2010. The Tovey fans have all been supportive. Here are a few replies from fans on Twitter:

_MichaelNelson: @russelltovey don't worry - I'm sure the 3 listeners of Radio 5 won't be offended!!

tommyboy780: These things happen @russelltovey ur only human

RedWineBoy: @russelltovey I'll forgive you ;-)

astrosteve: @russelltovey I thought the BBC (or whoever in England) was cool about that kind of thing? Not like America where they'll fine you $50k.

Becky_Deadstar: @russelltovey It's ok Michael Caine said piss live on radio 1 yesterday so you're in good company! :D

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