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Halloween Humour

Twenty Fantasy-Themed Halloween Costumes You Should Consider

So you think you’re being sooooo clever by going to your Halloween party dressed as Treebeard with a cardboard trunk or the White Witch with a crown made of actual ice.

Trust me, you’re not.

By contrast, here are some fantasy-themed Halloween costumes you should definitely consider:

1. Shrek’s Lord Farquhar — but doing it on your knees has been done. Consider cutting your legs off.

2. Baby Gandalf.

3. When it comes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Willow Rosenberg, everyone rushes straight for Vamp Willow or Angry-at-Tara’s-Death-Evil Willow. We say shake it up and go for boring, first season Plaid Willow.

4. Andy Sirkis in his “green-screen” Gollum suit.

5. Galadriel’s depressive, low self-esteemed sister, Sadriel.

6. Not Blacula, but Latino-la.

7. Harry Potter in his “invisibility cloak.” Yes, this means you don’t really have to go to the Halloween party at all.

8. Tim Burton. N’uff said.

9. A Senior Citizen of the Corn.

10. Leia in the metal bikini has been done, so if you’re looking for sexy, why not consider the woman with three boobs in Jabba’s palace?

11. A ghost using a bed sheet with two holes cut off it. (Hey, it’s ironic!)


13. Raquel Welch wrapped up in antibodies in Fantastic Voyage.

14. Sam or Dean Winchester. (Hey, if you look like Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki, you don’t need a costume!)

15. Baby Dumbledore.

16. A gelatinous cube.

17. Selene from Underworld after she’s run out of baby powder (chafing galore!).

18. Sigourney Weaver in her underwear in Alien. But this is actually a difficult look to pull off. It requires buying panties eight sizes too small — and then drying them in really high heat until they shrink four more sizes.

19. Russell Tovey, post-werewolf transformation from Being Human.

Basically, this means going to the party naked!

Something to consider:

Can you navigate your way to the party using only one hand? Or no hands if you decide to be Sinead Keenan as "Nina."

20. Upon further reflection, we’ve decided that going to a Halloween party as the White Witch with a crown made of actual ice is pretty cool after all. But may we suggest you bring a spare crown — and be prepared to get wet?

Below: The cast of Being Human at their own Halloween party.

By Jeffrey Bee


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