Saturday, October 30, 2010


AWOL again

31-10-2010 grahambinns: Just saw Russell Tovey near Regent's Park. #celebspotting #fb

Party like it’s 1999

31-10-2010 robdiament: AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!!!! Thanks to everyone... last night was hilarious! Woken up early and watching X Factor on Sky+ with Emma and Tamsin x

31-10-2010 russelltovey: @robdiament scrim x

A Hideous Halloween

31-10-2010 russelltovey: Felling rough and tender today.. Wine and vodka.. And Marlboro Lights... Mouth feels hideous x

31-10-2010 DannyLeeWynter: @russelltovey mine too. I never got to say goodbye. So pleased u came. X

31-10-2010 anniespinkhouse: @russelltovey Grim! At least you won't need the green make-up for trick or treating.

31-10-2010 wantedmynamebut: @russelltovey dear Russell was that a freudian slip *felling* ;-D

31-10-2010 scribe_diatribe: @russelltovey I've got something to put in your mouth that'll make it feel better.

31-10-2010 tigerboy666: @russelltovey I think you are a brilliant actor but you disappoint me massively in that you smoke. Come on, Russell!!

31-10-2010 mrstrangebob: @russelltovey I feel queasy just reading that!

31-10-2010 p_relf: @russelltovey ahhh big hugs! Have a fry up and a bath ur feel better! X

31-10-2010 pinkneonmartini: @russelltovey atleast they weren't marlboro reds ;)

31-10-2010 DrDunky: @@russelltovey You need Irn Bru. That'll cure you :o)

31-10-2010 Other_Pete: @russelltovey Rough and tender can be a good combination! Make the most of extra hour recovery time it’s what daylight savings really for.

31-10-2010 paulastrega: @russelltovey self inflicked no sympathy

31-10-2010 rizrax: @russelltovey - Marlboro lights? Poof. Xx

31-10-2010 WitchHazel74: @russelltovey no snogs for you until you've brushed your teeth young man!

31-10-2010 janeymac64: @russelltovey suggest removing small rodent from mouth - generally helps ;)

31-10-2010 GeorgeGeef: @russelltovey I'd still snog ya!

31-10-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey - MMmm Wine, Vodka and the Marlboro what a Mix! but you are still up bright and early! J x

Cher and Cher I like !!!!!!!! X

31-10-2010 russelltovey: Cher Lloyd is amazing!!!!!!!! X

31-10-2010 MatPease: @russelltovey you must be using some unknown definition of the word Awesome

31-10-2010 Saraoxford: @russelltovey Cher? get a grip! You disappoint me!!

31-10-2010 gwshockey: @russelltovey I am getting ready to watch your handsome face on the BH marathon. Can't wait stud!

This day tonight

30-10-2010 robdiament: Looking forward to my bowling party with my friends!! Xx

30-10-2010 MatthewCainC4: At birthday party for my sister @robdiament in Shoreditch House. Straining at the leash to have a go on the bowling alley...

30-10-2010 faithlehanne: @russelltovey are you at the white mischief night at la scala. If not you have a doppelganger.

russelltovey: @faithlehanne no!! Take a photo!! X

30-10-2010 faithlehanne: @russelltovey - he looks a bit more convincing from the side...

31-10-2010 russelltovey: Have the clocks gone back an hour wittys?? X

31-10-2010 Jenzo66: @russelltovey nt yet,,, they go bak at 2,...yer i know..stupid

31-10-2010 purecelt: They don't officially go back until 2am @russelltovey

31-10-2010 ostawitchestour: @russelltovey *best Scarlett O'Hara voice* I'll think about THAT in the morning... ;)

31-10-2010 emslj: @russelltovey Did we all say the same thing? Or did anyone deliberately confuse you? Haha.

31-10-2010 russelltovey: You guys are awesome with your timekeeping x

31-10-2010 Lionesskeeper: @russelltovey :D Glad to help

31-10-2010 amcd2407: @russelltovey and you're just awesome. Xx

31-10-2010 Louisemullin99: @russelltovey can you possibly confirm what time it actually is please? I moved my clock backwards and forwards and now don't know what time it is!! X

31-10-2010 russelltovey: @Louisemullin99 1.30am x

31-10-2010 HolyFrell: @russelltovey No, it's 2:08am right now Russell! Xxx

31-10-2010 Fabtasic: @russelltovey yer do the last hour all over again x

31-10-2010 addictive_hero: @russelltovey shouldn't all you actors be in bed getting your beauty sleep

31-10-2010 goggles99: @russelltovey sooo delighted you have the green light for h and h second series!!!! Wahoo

31-10-2010 taffkel: @russelltovey I'm watchin u open ur badger calender, haha x

31-10-2010 garethecfc: @russelltovey love that programme

31-10-2010 brittvpodcast: I lost interest after ep 1, but good for Russell Tovey RT @TVdotcomUK HIM & HER has scored a second season on BBC3!

31-10-2010 Fabtasic: @russelltovey marry me

31-10-2010 cammymoore: @Scott_Arthur how many of ur followers were helped by Russel Tovey....

31-10-2010 Scott_Arthur: @cammymoore 98%

Not by a long stretch

30-10-2010 russelltovey: What is with the queues stretched around the corner of Abercrombie and Fitch daily??? X

30-10-2010 Blahpaddy: @russelltovey saddos trying to purchase overpriced tat hand crafted in Bangladesh?

30-10-2010 OtakuNate: @russelltovey no idea, I'm too fat to be allowed to shop there ;-)

30-10-2010 PaulHarperUK: @russelltovey re A&F queues - desperate skinny people without social lives, trying but failing to look cool.

30-10-2010 willowspuppy: @russelltovey All those people want to look in-der-vid-ual. ;)

30-10-2010 lexy1968: @russelltovey The promise of something which never quite delivers! The emperor's new clothes?!

Tom In Oz

reporting from Loggerheads

Today while traversing the Flintshire countryside we stopped at one of my family's ancestral towns where the inn "We Three Loggerheads" can be found. The English expression "to be at loggerheads" comes from an incident at this inn.

The best meal in the UK

I want to mention an award winning establishment as being second before rating a restaurant and tavern I consider first in the UK.

Coming in second is the Bridge Inn at Grinton North Yorkshire. It boasts a great menu with haute cuisine that would shame some bigger and pricier establishments with enormous reputations.

Having been on the road now for six weeks eating out 3 times per day I can speak with certain authority when it comes to where to find great food in the UK. We have stayed in some superb establishments with chefs that have created some wonderful dishes but today we found a chef called Steven Beech who owns "The Tavern" at Alltami near Mold in North Wales. When word gets out he’s going to have customers queuing on the path.

From the outside the establishment looks modest but inside the modern décor and atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. First impressions are further confirmed by the exquisite food.

Everything was impressive: the fresh ingredients, the presentation and the amazing staff. We insisted on asking the wait-staff to pass complements to the chef as we completed the first courses and main meals. When we reached dessert Steve presented us with tastes and textures that were vibrant and fresh and we once again asked the wait-staff to send our complements. There was a buzz coming from the kitchen and eventually head chef Steve came out to thanked us and we talked about his aspirations.

Today for 21 pounds we enjoyed superb service and hospitality. Steve’s establishment is 12 out of 10.

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