Monday, October 11, 2010


Russell Tovey
Episode 6 Him&Her
Twitter Talk:
12-10-2010 lydia_petze: Does anyone here watch Him n Her? I wasn't gonna, but it's Russell Tovey and it looks halfway decent.

12-10-2010 frankieglasgow: Skittles and nutella? I'm russell tovey's character in him & her for real :)

11-10-2010 nottoobadly: Exactly how many different television shows is Russell Tovey on? Does the boy never sleep?

11-10-2010 clampits00: Check this video out -- russell tovey.wmv ... via link
YouTube - russell tovey.wmv

11-10-2010 notthatdanbrown: @AOLTV_UK ask russell tovey why he has to intonate the end of every sentence.

11-10-2010 edclecticfreq: @boydhilton Russell Tovey's speech at the end was brilliantly delivered.

11-10-2010 boydhilton: Hope everyone watched final episode of Him & Her. Gloriously fitting end to a great series. Roll on series 2!

11-10-2010 russelltovey: @boydhilton St Boyd x

11-10-2010 boydhilton: @russelltovey ! xx

Tonight's TV highlights
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Him And Her10.30pm, BBC3Him And Her has split opinion as its first series (but hopefully not last) comes to an end with Steve (Russell Tovey) in a funk over Becky's (Sarah Solemani) closeness to old mate Jamie. Fair enough, but Jamie is gay – not that that puts Steve's mind at rest. A touching end to a strong debut series, this episode is made by the first five minutes as the two strop around slamming doors in an all-too believable fashion. More please. WD

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