Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Promo shoot for Being Human
season three
Above: Russell Tovey & Sinead Keenan doing a bit of fun promo work.
Above: Russell Tovey - breakfast of champions! -

Today's TV Dinner


- Tovey-bix with shredded tweet:

12-10-2010 Scotch1709: @russelltovey - thought you'd be more of a "crunchy nuts" boy? Xx

12-10-2010 aresnz: @russelltovey You look bored. Cannot wait for the next BH series.

13-10-2010 Skaski_: @russelltovey oh cheerios! and a russell tovey!

13-10-2010 londonali1010: @russelltovey I love a man who's down with cereal.

Toves on toast:

12-10-2010 shotbykim: have decided to rewatch William and Mary ....forgot about lovely young @russelltovey in here. so adorable.

13-10-2010 Ashpash4: I actually love Russell Tovey, what a sweety :)

Russell rump roast:

12-10-2010 chrisunzipped: Great final episodeof Him and Her with @russelltovey

12-10-2010 shaun1086: @russelltovey H&H. Brilliant. Everyone has been there. Please say there is more?

12-10-2010 hunnybunny1967: @russelltovey loved him and her are you going to make another series xx

13-10-2010 brett_thomas: @jennisariot That show seriously cracks me up. Russell Tovey's a great actor. I love the way "him and her" are always one-upping each other.


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