Monday, October 4, 2010


Russell Tovey in Him&Her Ep.5

"The Parents."

Episode 5: The Parents – It’s a Sunday and Becky and Steve are bored. Their fridge is broken and Becky’s parents are coming round to fix it. Steve’s never met them before. He’s terrified. When they arrive, he’s over-friendly and frankly a bit odd. Matters are only made worse by Dan, who’s audibly enjoying himself upstairs with his new girlfriend, Paris. At least he says she’s his girlfriend.


robdiament: Enjoying watching 'Him and Her' new episode with @russelltovey

mjlapham: YES Him&Her!! @russelltovey Steve is the best character on tele I swear!

LeeCollins24: @russelltovey is brilliant in this! This could replace Gavin & Stacey. #himandher

furryfoxman: @russelltovey loving ep 5, first 10 mins is actually me and my wife, brilliant :-)

pollygilfillan: @russelltovey loving him & her, never cringed this much for ages. Gonna start saying sure-you-sure all the time

musingsonamac: @russelltovey yes Him and Her on now absolutely genius AGAIN. #fb

slbrackenridge: @russelltovey good episode tonight :D introduced the bf to it he was giggling a lot :)

jamesOhope: @russelltovey FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! That was brill xD

argus_ones: Him&Her 5 - It starts with a fart and ends with a fuuuuuuuuuuuck LOL.

terrytastic: This week’s him and her was the best yet. I don't want it to finish next week. Will there be series 2 @russelltovey?

wantedmynamebut: @russelltovey your little face when Becky's mum intimated you wouldn't be able to go to Laura's wedding was an absolute picture! Awww x

myshamoby: Absolutely love, love, LOVE! Him & Her!! @russelltovey & @Solemani you geniussssesss!!!! Keep it coming!!!

andyhoyle: Ooh, Him and Her. It's funny. Ok and it's got Russell Tovey.

robbieanthony87: I feel so sorry for @russelltovey’s character on him and her Steve is so trying 2 impress with Becky’s parents but they don’t give him a chance

gary_hughes: watching Him and Her for the first time. Russell Tovey is just delicious, isn't he?

RichardAngell: This was brilliant again! RT @russelltovey So yep Monday night again and ep 5 tonight at 10.30 BBC3 - Him & Her x ta me Wittys x

krishalpin: "Do you want a choc ice? The freezer's broke; gotta to eat 'em all before they melt." Him and Her makes me laugh @russelltovey

kieronam‎: @RichardAngell Nah, not been a fan. Fancy the pants off Russell Tovey though

MayorWatch‎: @RichardAngell and sadly much under rated. Enthusiastic clap for the lovely @russelltovey who should be on TV every week.

lullabelleno: I love it when Russell Tovey squeaks. Oh, Russell Tovey you(r ears) are so cute!

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