Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Russell Tovey is out...

...the "other" kind of out!

19-10-2010 seancapote: just walked past @russelltovey on tottenham court road. Nearly bloody wet myself. Fittest celebrity spot EVER

19-10-2010 AlistairNichols: @russelltovey nice seeing you in the gym. Do let me know if you want to train together sometime. Solo training is so DULL.

19-10-2010 LyndonTovey: Just walked past Sarah Solemani (Becky) from @russelltovey's awesome Him&Her in BBC,TVC. Actually thought she was a friend, and said 'hi'!

Above: Tom in Oz reporting from the town of Crook Durham UK. The 2 shops shown behind me belonged to my Great Uncle Richard and Great Aunty Elizabeth prior to WW1. The shops are located at 63 and 65 Hope Street, Crook. Richard ran a drapery business and Elizabeth ran a bakery/confectionery shop. The "Who Do You Think You Are" TV show has nothing on moi and my Hercule Poirot skills!

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