Monday, October 25, 2010


Being Hobbit

It’s been announced that Rob Kazinsky will join Aiden Turner who plays "Mitchell" in Being Human, in Peter Jackson’s new film The Hobbit. Aidan plays in Being Human alongside Russell Tovey "George", Sinead Keenan "Nina" and Lenora Crichlow "Annie."

The Hobbit will be shot in New Zealand in Feb 2011 and beyond as it will be a 2 part movie. This means Aidan will possibly fly over to Oz to do some of the post production work or maybe re-dubbing etc as there are associated studios in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

An interesting connection is that, actor Rob Kazinsky used to have a role in Eastenders where he played Stacey Slater’s brother, Stacey being played by Lacey Turner, who will be appearing with the cast in Season 3 of Being Human; small world, eh!

It was Russell Tovey who encouraged and helped Aidan Turner make an audition tape for the part he won in the TV show Desperate Romantics...which ultimately got Aidan more recognised, which in turn, got him noticed for the role in The Hobbit.

I know this is not strictly a Being Human or Russell Tovey news item but all of Russell's fans and the BBC3 Team behind Being Human have already expressed their congratulations...there has been a lot of teamwork leading to this moment.

Here is a link to more news as posted by BBC Being Human click here

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