Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Happy Birthday - welcome to my box!

26-10-2010 genesgal: @russelltovey watching you on Miss Marple. One of your few roles that’s not had me in tears. Love your acting. You are brill you know :)

26-10-2010 squidgywooluvsu: Benedict Cumberbatch being brilliant as always in Marple ITV3. @russelltovey looking wonderful in uniform too. Perfect!

26-10-2010 kinkyclawz: TOVEY-SQUEE! Just realised @russelltovey is on ITV3 in Marple. ^^ Love how innocent his policeman character is. He plays innocence so well.

26-10-2010 mrs_moog: @kinkyclawz I've been rewatching Little Dorrit with my OH and @russelltovey is just heart-breaking as John Chivery, esp when Amy rejects him

26-10-2010 Legrandeval: Oooh forgot @russelltovey was in Marple too.

26-10-2010 Nicola_Chegwin: Playing spot the actor watching Miss Marple, so far the only tweetie is @russelltovey

26-10-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @KnaveoG good news about teens in new spin off series Becoming Human in one way but no extra BH Fab 4 bits - no extras by @russelltovey or @sineadkeenan *sad*

26-10-2010 joooos1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @knaveog @valeriemeachum @dorina335 @russelltovey it all sounds quite Misfitsy.....but better, obviously!

26-11-2010 mojito_69: @russelltovey only just got to me Attitude Mag and there you are! Shame it's only a small pic ;o)

26-10-2010 farscaper_here: @benjeee this will cheer you up!! Didn't tell you I've met @russelltovey very briefly, shame to admit I didn't know who he was & I have the 'History Boys' on DVD!! Sorry @russelltovey x

26-10-2010 AlexisOQuinn: Just voted for @russelltovey for the sexiest werewolf of all time. http://bit.ly/bRzZFS

26-10-2010 robdiament: Lovely lovely birthday dinner with my nearest and dearest!

26-10-2010 russelltovey: Eating in Hix restaurant with @MatthewCainC4 my twin for @ robdiament birthday! Nice place, very nice x

26-10-2010 MatthewCainC4: At bday meal for my sister Rob Diamanté with my twin Russell. Happy 30th Rob and get ready to tick that box marked 30-35. Welcome to my box!

26-10-2010 Benjeee: @russelltovey mmmmm have oysters! X

26-10-2010 chrislove1: @russelltovey Bon Appetit!! x

26-10-2010 GalileoGal67: @russelltovey would love a pic of what you are indulging in for dessert. Chocolate something?

26-10-2010 rick_br2001: @russelltovey In The Cornershop in Shoreditch talking about Tovey love. We love you Tovey... We do...v

26-10-2010 HART1971: @russelltovey Hope you having lovely meal, Just been watching you playing a policeman on Agatha Christie's Marple

26-10-2010 Andrew_Mackie_: I had rather vivid dreams about @russelltovey last night. Not sure what caused them exactly but I can't say they weren't welcome.

26-10-2010 franceschina00: @russelltovey eating in my lounge with no-one. Waiting for very late husband. Nice place, very lonely x

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