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BH now have a bh alternative!

On Tuesday 26.10.2010 the BBC Being Human (BH) blogsite detailed their ambition to produce a new on-line prequel called Becoming Human (bh). After just 2 nights there has been an exceptionally large volume of traffic. If you'd like to see the comments click here. My post came in at No.22. Below is my response and those of other fans:

No.22. Tom In Oz wrote:

Hi B.H. gang! I have thoughts here you may not agree with but hey, I'm old enough now to voice them...without shrinking from rejection and peer pressure...and besides that I'm married and am use to constant critical assessment...First thoughts on B.H. news...Yay, B.H. is back! When euphoria stopped, second thoughts...No BBC3 commitment to have additional bits with Russ, Sinead, Aidan, Lenora, Jason and others from main cast of BH. Demographic chasing spent on appealing to young kids with computers for interactive online stuff...I would rather have my T.V. license money spent on extra B.H. episodes...or specials...etc. Third thoughts...Hmmmm, I'm only visiting the U.K. I don't actually have to pay T.V. license! lol

No.23. Laurar wrote:

Tom in Oz - you hero!

No.25. WiliQueen wrote:

Tom - Some of us who are not so young are into the interactive online stuff. :-) And we got plenty of behind-the-scenes, etc. with the regular gang last year in addition to the CenSSA materials; no reason to think that won't happen as well. As for what license fees are being spent on, this represents a vote of confidence in the franchise as a whole. The series happened in the first place in large measure because of the online response to the pilot. So I feel pretty secure in expecting this to be only the beginning of the good news! (Yes, I'm nicknamed "Postmodern Pollyanna" for a reason. Go with it. *eg*

No.34. Dorina335 wrote:

Tom and WiliQueen....kinda agreeing with both of you (see post 12)...but leaning more towards it being an exciting innovation to expand the 'Being Human brand'. I too had hoped that the 'extras' would involve our fab 4 cast ...but of course there will be extras involving them on the DVD from series 3. I'd only start to worry if the new crossover/spin-off altered the budget and future plans for Being Human....until then...bring it on!

No.35. WiliQueen wrote:

Tom, Ewan, & Dorina - I should have made clearer that I wouldn't want it taking away from the main show either. Really don't see it happening, though -- it would be very foolish to change instead of adding! And since they are doing so well, my interpretation is that they are indeed adding. As a struggling actor, I'm also a big cheerleader for high-profile new media in conjunction with strong regular TV. The more work, the better!

No.38. Deadlysecret wrote:

22. Tom in Oz. I couldn't agree more. Spot on.

No.40. Wendy the good Witch wrote:

Hi all Tom (22) I share your concerns and I will probably be missing out with the interactive bits (now I'm showing my age); but an addition to the BH universe can only help expand its fan base :D This looks to be very exciting and congratulations to all involved :)

No.42. lurve_BH wrote:

I have to say I completely agree with Tom In Oz (who apparently isn't in Oz at the moment!!)'s comment (22) well said. Ewan like your BH and bh shorthand and plan to use it.

No.49. Ewan wrote:

Trivia about the cast of bh. Adam - vampire played by Craig Roberts. Craig stared in as you read above Young Dracula as a kid who wanted to be a Vampire. Christa - Werewolf played by Leila Mimmack. Leila stared in Married Single Other with Dean Lennox Kelly (Tully) as his step daughter. Matt - Human? played by Josh Brown. Josh played a school kid in Grange hill no connections to supernatural series other than that I could find. So coincidence is very strong in the world of casting isn't it I find it funny Ha Ha at least.

Tom in Oz
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
Ooh La La

Dear reader as you know I am on a family history trail here in the UK until Dec 2010. I have had some really amazing days with weird and wonderful coincidences. Well today I was in Liverpool on "The Magical Mystery Tour" which takes you to all the places the Beatles lived, played and worked - my morning had been spent doing research and finding headstones etc.

Do you recall, Mrs Oz and I already had a day where we were extras on a TV show being filmed in Edinburgh...(see over for previous news on that one) we just happened to be on "The Magical Mystery Tour" on the very same day a Paris based TV film crew were shooting a documentary for TF1...after they interviewed various people...I decided to turn the tables on the presenter and is a 1 min doc by Tom in Oz filmed at Penny Lane corner in Liverpool.

Press play:

Meanwhile, later that day Russell Tovey went to the gym first then had Nandos...

27-10-2010 robdiament: @russelltovey and I will be shop keepers at House of Voltaire on Sat 27th November! Be there or be square!

27-10-2010 russelltovey: Nandos post gym x hot.

27-10-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: Nandos mmm uuurgh (said in Homer Simpson style)

27-10-2010 2_Seven: @russelltovey @Dale_Howard you two live almost identical lives, Nandos and Gym lol

27-10-2010 pimplehester: @russelltovey I'd have been more impressed if you had a nandos whilst at the gym, that would be more rock n roll xx

27-10-2010 neam1976: @russelltovey mmmmmmmm nando's

27-10-2010 davelemas: @benjeee ha ha. He is often out I got a text from a friend similarly afflicted that just read @russelltovey is here... in shorts lol

27-10-2010 jaybs: @Tom_In_Oz_ it is ironic that at the time I had to get my "Miss Marple" DVD from Australia, here it was only in a box set, superb Russell

27-10-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey - As well as being talented Chris Croucher is such a genuine guy! John x

28-10-2010 GinsoakedTom: Russell Tovey's bum should be a national treasure =p

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