Wednesday, October 27, 2010



The following is a transcript of the last speech in Him&Her Season One Ep.6

Steve (Russell Tovey) has taken 6 episodes to declare his love for Becky (Sarah Solemani)


“When I met you every piece of my life was a bit of a puzzle. It felt – I dunno, it felt, ahh, look, all I mean is – that’s why I get like this. That’s why I get silly when you talk to other men because I know they’ll fancy you, because they must do, because you’re beautiful and funny and perfect in every single way and everyone wants to be like you. Just look and Laura. And Shelly. You’re so…cool and I get scared you’re gonna wanna go out with someone else and not me, because I’m not beautiful or funny or perfect or even just a little bit cool.

I like reading facts. I’m scared of spiders. But, but, we’re the same person. We like doing the same things. Well like eating. And drinking. And Inspector Morse. I mean I love watching Morse with you. And I’ll get scared that I’ll lose you and I can’t – I can’t – I can’t lose you, Bex, because if I lose you – I love you.

I’ve been a dick because I love you. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for dragging you in here, I’m sorry for taking it out on Laura, I am sorry for being the world’s biggest dick, but I just – I just love you. I just love you so much. I love you so much.”

Tom in Oz reporting from Liverpool UK where my great great uncle Ralph Spuce lived. His parents Mary and William lived in Tranmere.

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