Thursday, October 28, 2010


This week's Tweetment

Russell’s shorts:

shortstv: Halloween Short Movie ROAR starring Russell Tovey & Jodie Whittaker

imjustanerd: Darn, why does Russell Tovey always have a love interest? Just keep breaking my heart, why don't ya? #In Passing

Lionsskeeper: @russelltovey stars in "In Passing" a poignant short film by Chris Croucher please re-tweet this


jopetgc‎: @russelltovey Congrats as the writing was great. It was fresh and always had me grinning. And acted well of course!

taffkel‎: @russelltovey nice one, I enjoyed the first series x

DJPedster‎: @russelltovey It’s good, so I'm glad the BBC recommissioned it.

charlie_7: @russelltovey Yay! I love the show :D Will it be on next year?

JoeStafford242: @russelltovey When will it be released?!?!!

cbaker023: @robwillb I think Russell Tovey is fantastic but not overly taken with the show, could be funnier

Love child:

craigdonaghy: #apprentice I think that Jamie looks like the love child of Russell Tovey and Shane Ward

crispeater: Jamie is like Russell Tovey's older, less attractive brother. #apprentice

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