Thursday, October 28, 2010


How Twitter Works Part 1:

A week ago Russell Tovey Re-Tweeted a tweet I sent to him re his short film "In Passing"and within a day it had reached 483 people which means after more time it has gone into the thousands.

Click picture to enlarge:

How Twitter Works Part 2:

Russell Tovey tweeted this week that Him & Her will be picked up for a second season. From watching a new trending service you can see from their graphic below that 3 “influential” people Re-Tweeted the message and 77 “followers” Re-Tweeted the can keep on tracking further down the expediential tree but it becomes a bit unwieldy.

And if you were one of the 77 Twitter “followers” you can click the picture below and try to spot your Twitter icon. By looking at the "influential" people's icons Russell can also work out who his real showbiz buddies are! LOL

Click picture to enlarge:

This is BRILLIANT!!!

Very excited!!

Thank you.

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Chris Croucher

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