Friday, October 29, 2010


Above: Russell Tovey & Sarah Solemani at the press night performance of Blasted a play by Sarah Kane.

A blasted from the past!


russelltovey: Blasted @ the Lyric Hammersmith.. Traumatic viewing, Danny Webb awesome... Nightmares are now a coming x

SwindonSteve: @russelltovey awwwwww! *cuddles* It's OK... Your Witty's are here! Don't be scared..... We'll take care of you! x

badlydrawnroy: @russelltovey It's pretty horrendous even just reading it; I can only imagine how intense a performance must be!

Quoodle: @russelltovey Great play. Up there with The Winslow Boy and Rookery Nook.

carolinehonour: @russelltovey ahhh Sarah Kane! How long is it on for?


StubbledGrapes: I dreamt @russelltovey died, but it came out that he'd had a foursome with his 'previous band mates' from Hearsay.....

Aussiemarknyc: I'm hot for Russell Tovey, there I said it!


Camdengiles: @russelltovey freaked me out as I walked past on the phone the other day - amazing and scary. You back from the west country then? X


mybrightidea: God I love the Christmas Gavin and Stacey :-D makes me feel so Christmassy! Can we have one next year please? Preferably inc @russelltovey


kinkyclawz: @russelltovey He he, thought you'd be a happy chappie! We're all thrilled re H&H congratulations to all of you! Your hard work (& fun) paid off! :D

soozles_: @russelltovey congrats on Him & Her coming back for series 2 brilliant news

leemc87: @russelltovey You're the only two people I know who make eating ham out of a packet look mildly okay!

tres_michelle: @russelltovey *waves* Hi Russell! I'm the Michelle you met in NYC a few months back in the winter. Finished watching Him & Her - loved it!!

Subtle reminder:

mybrightidea: @russelltovey sure I'm not the first to point it out but you're now past 20,000 followers...well done:-)are we getting our pic? :-D xxxx!

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